The MUSETEX Phantom Black ATX Case is 65% OFF on Amazon US!

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The MUSETEX Phantom Black PC case features two tempered glass panels and six pre-installed RGB PC case fans to allow for much better airflow!

This PC case is 64% off on Amazon, with an additional 5% off due to an Amazon coupon, saving you over $160!


Check out this gaming PC case with the link below, or continue reading to hear about this unique gaming PC case!


This gaming case comes with six 120 mm fans which can be controlled with the included controller to allow for various color options. Interestingly the included fans have two separate light loops to allow for considerably more customization.


The design of this case features a unique front panel, which is further accentuated by the RGB lighting.

This case uses two tempered glass panels, one located on the front and another as the side panel, and this allows you to show off your RGB lighting at a glance.

These pre-installed fans offer the unique ability to react to sound in three different ways.

The first will turn the lights on when you make a sound, the second will change the colors to the beat of the music, and the third will change the colors while you play the music.

What We Think

The high amount of airflow paired with the dual tempered glass panels makes the design of this case look fantastic and easily stand out.


This case's high compatibility includes ATX motherboards and a power supply length of up to 220mm. This high compatibility ensures nearly any PC component will fit into this case.

For first-time builders, this case has cable routing channels with included velcro cable straps, which makes building much easier.

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Bottom Line

These features definitely make this case worth a look if you are in the market for a new mid-tower PC case.


This case is currently 64% off on Amazon, which saves you $160. In addition to this sale, this case has an Amazon coupon which saves you another 5%.