Don't Miss Out! This Alienware 240Hz Monitor is $100 OFF Right Now On Amazon

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Upgrading to a high refresh rate monitor can be a perfect way to increase your immersion and may even result in a significantly better gaming performance in games like Call of Duty.

This Alienware gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a resolution of 1080p.

The price of this monitor has been dropped by roughly $100, and this reduces the price to $299.99!

You can head right to the deal here or continue reading to hear more about this gaming monitor.

Let's check out this fantastic gaming monitor!

The Alienware AW2521HF gaming monitor is almost $100 OFF!

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Brand: Alienware | Connectivity technology: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB | Platforms: PC & Gaming Console | Refresh Rate: 240 Hz | Resolution: 1080p | Color: Dark Grey

The Alienware AW2521HF gaming monitor offers a 1080p resolution paired with its 240 Hz refresh rate making this monitor perfect for high-action games like Call of Duty.

The higher refresh rate can actually translate to a better performance in-game due to seeing your enemies much faster.

Its dark grey color scheme allows this monitor to fit in with nearly any gaming setup. The RGB lighting is located on the back of the monitor stand and the Alienware logo.

Its screen features support for both AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. These technologies synchronize the frames produced by the graphics card with the monitor's refresh rate, eliminating any screen tearing or screen stuttering.

Bottom Line

The RGB lighting, high resolution, and high refresh rate make this gaming monitor perfect for an eSports gaming setup.

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