Samsung QD-OLED TV Release Date: When Will Samsung Launch Its Quantum Dot OLED TVs?

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Rumours are continuing to come in about the Samsung QD-OLED TV, but when is the release date?

In the battle of QLED vs OLED, Samsung firmly positioned itself on the side of QLED. However, the rest of the market opted for OLED screens, with some of the best LG TVs and the best Panasonic TVs featuring OLED.


Here's when to expect the Samsung QD-OLED TV to release.

Samsung QD-OLED TV Release Date

Industry insiders posit the Samsung QD-OLED TV will release in the first half of 2022.

This comes from The Korean Economic Daily, who reported in late July that:

According to industry sources on July 25, the South Korean tech giant is developing 55-inch and 65-inch quantum dot organic light emitting diode (QD-OLED) TVs for market launch in the first half of 2022.

The outlet's sources also suggested the QD-OLED TV could be revealed at CES 2022. This event will most likely take place in January 2022.

UBI Research has also suggested the QD-OLED TV will first be shown off at CES 2022. It also stated that mass production will begin in Q4 2022, producing 200,000 units in 2021, 600,000 in 2022, and 800,000 in 2025.


Indeed, a report from TheElec suggests the QD-OLED panels could enter production as early as Q3 2021. TheElec stated a QD-OLED TV prototype would be created by June, although this has yet to surface.

Samsung QD-OLED TV Price and Pre-Orders

As an emerging technology that saw a huge investment from Samsung, a QD-OLED TV will not be cheap.

Samsung's 65" QN95A Neo QLED 4K TV, for example, currently costs £3,499 on the Samsung website- down £1000 from the original price.

However, The Korean Economic Daily states the QD-OLED TVs will sit "between its top-premium segment of MicroLED TVs and its flagship QLED lines."

Given Samsung's premium TVs can cost between $1,999 and $12,999 ($99,999 if you include the Q900), this statement doesn't give us much of an indication to the price.

As for pre-orders, we'll need to wait until Samsung officially announced the QD-OLED TV before there's any chance of purchasing one. We'd expect the likes of Currys, Argos, and the official Samsung website to stock these new TVs at launch.


We'll have to wait until Samsung reveals more about its QD-OLED strategy and pricing to know for sure.

Samsung QD-OLED TV Specs And Latest News

QD-OLED stands for Quantum Dot Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is set to be the end product of a reported $10.8bn investment into the technology from 2019.

This hybrid technology will expand on OLED's superior contrasts and blacks by using its quantum dots to deliver QLED-level brightness and colour.

However, as spotted in the marketing of Quantum Dot from Samsung Display, Samsung may not call its new TV the QD-OLED. Instead, it may opt for QD-Display. This may help the company in its marketing, given Samsung's previous comments on OLED.

The Samsung Display site also noted that QD Displays have a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, alongside reducing the "harmful blue light" by 40-50% compared to LCDs.

The QD-OLED models will come in 55" and 65" models when they release next year. A larger 70" TV will launch further down the line. TheElec also stated Samsung will use the QD-OLED panel in monitors.


As most of the QD-OLED news concerns the display technology, there has been little information on its other features, such as the QD-OLED audio capabilities.

We'll update this page with any specs when Samsung confirms them.

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