MUST SEE Gaming Accessories From RazerCon 2021

A Razer repsirator

A Razer repsirator

RazerCon 2021 was a bit of whirlwind, what with so many different products unveiled ranging from outright gaming hardware all the way to the highly anticipated Razer Zephr mask.

Let's recap some of the big announcements of the event, and take a closer look at what to expect in the near future.

RazerCon 2021 Must-See Products

Razer Zephyr Portable Air Purifier

rguably RazerCon's biggest announcement came in the form of a full release of their long-teased Zephyr portable air purifier.

It operates with N95 grade filters that ensure both two-way protection for air inhaled and exhaled, and you'll also find two air exchange chambers that allow air to flow freely in and out of the Zephyr.

You can even find some Razer Chroma RGB lighting that, alongside its two-speed fans, can be controlled with the accompanying Razer Zephyr app and with plenty of adjustability, the wearable purifier will also offer a secure and comfortable fit.These two-speed fans allow for both increased comfort and also cool, filtered air. This filtration comes courtesy of the Zephyr's N95 grade filters that Razer say will maintain their optimum efficiency for three days which will result in 80% less waste than single-use surgical masks.

Razer Kraken V3 Headset Range

Some of the best Razer headsets are top rankers in our headset lists, and their Kraken line has always been a hugely popular one.

RazerCon saw the announcement of a revitalised lineup, dubbed the Kraken V3 range that offers up a range of four all-new headsets.

You'll find options to suit all budgets, starting with the wallet-friendly Kraken V3 X that offers up 40mm Triforce drivers, alongside a bendable HyperClear cardioid microphone that should allow for crystal-clear communication.

The Kraken V3 range also features Chroma RGB, Razer's own 7.1 surround sound effects and a USB-A connection for convenient connectivity.

Up from that comes the standard Kraken V3 that brings Triforce Titanium 50mm drivers and a detachable mic to the party, alongside the power of THX Spatial Audio and some leatherette memory foam cushions.

The Kraken V3 Hypersense adds some haptic feedback to the standard V3 which allows for the headset to vibrate and rumble alongside any low-end noises, adding an extra layer of immersion.

At the top end though comes the Kraken V3 Pro which cuts the cord on the V3 Hypersense by adding USB-C charging capabilities and Razer's HyperSpeed wireless connectivity that also powers some of its brilliant wireless mice.

You'll also get what Razer calls a 'Supercardioid' mic with the Pro and in all cases with the new Kraken line, they look to have been redesigned with a classier and lighter shell that also adds Chroma RGB to the party.

Razer Enki Gaming Chair Line

Razer's latest lineup of gaming chairs was also unveiled at RazerCon 2021, which brings the azer Enki line to the forefront.

The standard Enki brings with it what we think should be some cracking comfort with a 152-degree recline and a built-in lumbar arch, alongside 110-degree extended shoulder arches and an ultra-wide seat base.

Alongside this, expect to find some synthetic leather that's environmentally friendly and should be good for those long gaming sessions. A rather plush head cushion should also provide great support for the head and neck, meaning the Enki might also be a cracking office chair, too.

It's available in three colours including Black (pictured) and Razer Green and intriguingly, Quartz Pink, too.

If you're wanting what is shaping up to be one of the best gaming chairs out there, the Enki Pro looks to be quite the capable customer. You'll find a Carbon Fiber exterior finish alongside Alcantara fabric and a dual-density backrest cushion for extra comfort.

For those on a budget, the Enki X (above) offers the same design cues as the standard chair but is only available in Razer Green. It comes with the same 152-degree recline and some adjustable 2D armrests so you're sure to get comfortable in a jiffy.

Razer Book Quartz

Razer is also a brand that has made some of the best laptops out there, and their Razer Book Quartz offers up a brand new colour option.

What you'll find is quite the striking pink colour option that matches up with some of Razer's other peripherals including both headsets and mice.

Under the cute exterior though is a laptop that packs plenty of punch, with both Windows 11 installed and a choice of 11th-gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors that should provide a snappy user experience, as well as the options for either 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

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Combine this with the added capabilities of the Intel Evo platform that brings with it the ability for the Razer Book Quartz to instant wake in under a second, WiFi 6 for speedy connectivity and a cracking 14-hour battery life and we think you're onto a winner.

Its display is also something to behold with a modern 13:10 aspect ratio alongside a panel that features rather thin bezels to maximise the 13.4 inch display. You can also choose whether you'd like this 60Hz panel to be a touchscreen when purchasing the laptop, too.

Overall, we think the Razer Book Quartz looks to be a brilliant ultrabook!

All-New Razer PC Components

Razer also unveiled a whole host of PC components at RazerCon 2021, which are sure to add some RGB flair and power to your setup.

Razer Kunai Chroma PC Fans

First up is the Razer Kunai Chroma, which is a powerful PC fan available in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm. The 120mm fan can reach speeds of 500-2200RPM whilst the 140mm can hit 500-1600RPM, which should be fast enough to keep your system cool for a good while.

They've got a lifespan of 60,000 hours of usage, and also come with plenty of LEDs to brighten up your PC.

Razer PWM PC Fan Controller

Next comes Razer's PWM PC Fan Controller.

This offers up a convenient plug and play design that allows for users to customise fan curving for maximum cooling potential that can be controlled through Razer's Synapse software, and you can hook up to 8 fans to get the best performance.

Razer Hanbo Chroma AIO Cooler

If you're someone who wants to opt for some liquid cooling, then the Hanbo Chroma may just be the product to set your sights on.

It's available in a two-fan or three-fan design, and offers up speeds of between 800 and 2800 RPM. Razer also says that they'll be rather silent, too.

When it comes to further specs, the Hanbo Chroma utilises 2x 120MM 4-pin fans for the two-fan system and 3x 120MM 4-pin fans for the three-fan system.

Razer Katana Chroma PSU

Of course, everyone needs a power supply for their PC and the Razer Katana Chroma PSU is available in a range of wattages, ranging from 750W all the way up to 1600W, so it can power some of the most powerful and best gaming PCs out there.

As well as being pretty powerful, the Katana Chroma is also pretty efficient, being 80+ Platinum rated which means it can exceed 90% efficiency with over 50% of its total wattage in use.

Its modular design also allows for a simple connection into your setup without too many cables getting in the way.

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