PS5 Stock Update: BT Tipped To Drop Any Minute...Here's What We Know

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It's another week and another chance to grab yourself a PS5.

This week is off to a fairly good start, with a recent tip-off from PS5 Stock UK claiming that BT is set to restock any moment.


The tweet shared last week states that a PS5 restock is 'Confirmed For BT Shop' between 9 am - 11 am GMT.

Credit: PS5StockAlertsUK

That's great news, but there's a catch.

It looks like only BT Broadband members will be able to have a chance of grabbing the next-gen console this time around.


It's a similar setup to EE drops, whereby you can get a chance to bag a PS5, but you'll need to be on their network to do so.

What Time Could BT Drop?

We have a rumoured restock window, but no exact time just yet. With BT drops not quite as common as some of the major online retailers, it is a little tricky to pin down an accurate prediction.

For example, Amazon tends to drop around 8am - 9am, making it highly likely that when we do get a tip-off, that's when we should be on high-alert for.


With BT this time around, we'll have to wait and see, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out this morning.

How To Increase Your Chances

To up your chances, we'd say make sure to switch on post notifications on Twitter. You may be get bombarded this morning, but you can always switch them off once you've (hopefully) secured a PS5.

Signing up to our friends at Stock Informer is also a great shout, and they've helped many people secure what has been one of the most in-demand consoles to date.


You can also follow our daily updated PS5 Stock UK tracker, to get our take on the latest rumours, tip-offs, and announcements so you can get the inside scoop.

We'll be back with you soon for more PS5 stock updates. Best of luck out there!

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