PS5 Amazon Restock: Xbox Series X Drop Could Mean PS5 Restock On The Horizon...

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Since the release of PS5 last year, the big question for major retailers such as Amazon has been when, and what time can we expect a PS5 restock? 

Let's take a look at what we know so far and remember, for all the latest stock drops as we get them, be sure to follow @GfinityDealsUK and @GfinityDealsUSA to be first in line!



PS5 Amazon Restock

UPDATE 21 April: This morning around 8am saw the Xbox Series X briefly come back into stock.

The console was out of stock within roughly 3 minutes and we were, of course, on hand to alert GfinityDeals followers!

But what does this mean for PS5 stock? Well, Amazon typically releases the next-gen consoles on different days, meaning that it's unlikely we'll see a PS5 drop today.

Whether we'll see one this week is still up for a debate, but they may surprise us.


We'd say it's unlikely to be the case as PS5 stock levels are on the whole limited this month, especially in the UK.

Don't fret though, as there are multiple rumours of a 'double shipment' effect for May, meaning we may see some of the biggest stock drops to date!

We'll keep you posted.

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UPDATE 16 April: Amazon has been quiet for some time, in both the US and UK, so we're all wondering when exactly we can expect the retailer giant to restock PS5s.

While we had a blitz of retailers like Gamestop, Walmart and more restock late this week, there has been very little in the way of rumours surrounding Amazon.

For the UK, there has been an enormous delay of PS5 stock which appears to be an unfortunate side effect of the much reported Evergreen incident.

However, in the US, it would appear that stock is starting to resurface, we have our fingers crossed that we'll see it extend towards Amazon too.

We'd advise keeping a close eye on the retailer, and checking regularly, especially next week...

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UPDATE 30 March: Amazon UK dropped PS5s this morning, and from the looks of it many were successful this time around. As usual, the stock drop lasted around 3 - 4 minutes, once again proving that speed is everything when it comes to securing the next-gen console. 

While it's unclear as to when we'll see another Amazon UK PS5 drop, all eyes will now be firmly fixed on Amazon US.

For real-time stock updates, make sure you're following Gfinity Deals USA!


Week Commencing 29 March: Those who are currently waiting for a PS5 restock at Amazon may be in luck for this week if the rumours are true. 

On 28 March, we reported that a PS5 drop may happen as early as today, and while we shouldn't rule that out, it'll be more likely that it could go ahead towards the middle of the week.

We're on high alert as always, so be sure to check back in!

Week Commencing 22 March: According to @PS5UPDATEUK, "Amazon is expecting around 8K stock to be delivered this weekend". As with all tweets, remember, they're not official announcements so it's always good to take them with a hefty pinch of salt.

However, last week we did see the rumours of a massive restock come to fruition, so there could be something to this.

Typically, we've seen PS5 drops happen during the week, so a weekend is somewhat out of the ordinary. How likely will it be? We'll keep you updated as we hear more.

Week Commencing 15 March: The latest rumours pointed towards a 'massive restock' for this week, and it looks like they were true, at least for the UK. The Amazon UK restock happened around 9 am on the 17th March and it looks like many were successful in grabbing themselves a PS5.


But what about the thousands of people still waiting to get their PS5 in the US?

Well, if all the predictions are correct, we could be seeing a stock drop on 18th March on Amazon US...and if the reports are true, it could be a big one.

Reportedly 46,000 units will be available this time around, and if accurate, this could be a great time to get one. However, as the day works its way later in the afternoon, are the chances of an Amazon US drop getting slimmer?

We'll have to wait and see, but anything could happen so it's worth being on high alert regardless.

For the UK this could well be the last restock for March as we're already halfway through the month, but when could we see the next?

If Amazon is following a similar structure to this month, we could see another PS5 stock drop around April 17th, but we shouldn't rule out it coming earlier.

We'll have our ear to the ground and keep you updated as always!


Week commencing 8th March: While there were some stock drops, including one at Very, we didn't see anything for Amazon UK or US. It has been a relatively long time since the last PS5 restock with Amazon, so could we see more stock coming next week?

What time is Amazon PS5 Restock?

When it comes to times, the restocks have typically fallen into a time window, rather than a set starting time. Depending on the retailer, we've seen dates released or even PS5 restocks in the middle of the night, but what about Amazon?

Well, we've seen in the past that Amazon doesn't usually drop in the middle of the night, which is great for those trying to get some shut-eye, which means we could either see the drop in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Early morning PS5 restocks appear to be more likely, so keep an eye out!

PS5 Amazon

SOON? The latest rumours point to as early as today.


Where else to look for PS5 Stock?

Some of the key retailers you'll want to keep an eye out for include GAME, John Lewis, Smyths, Very and Argos.

We'll do our very best to keep you completely updated with everything PS5 stock related to these retailers and more at GfinityDealsUK and GfinityDealsUSA.

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