Here's Where You Can Pre-Order The NEW Razer Halo Gaming Peripherals

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If the excitement wasn't enough for the upcoming Halo Infinite release, Razer has just thrown down what we think are some of the best looking gaming accessories we've seen in quite some time!

Here's everything you need to know and more about them, including where you can pre-order to avoid missing out!


Pre-orders Now LIVE For Halo x Razer Peripherals

There are four new pieces of gear making their way to us for October 21st, which can now be pre-order at GameStop or directly from Razer.

Kaira Pro for Xbox – Halo Infinite Edition ($169.99 USD / €169.99 MSRP)

Image Credit: Razer

Probably one of our favourites from the collection, the Razer Kaira Pro looks absolute legendary...see what we did there.


As you've no doubt seen, this collection is based largely on the Masterchief's Battlesuit, capturing its battle-worn, iconic green aesthetic very well indeed.

Under the hood, so to speak, you're getting 50mm drivers which should prove more than enough to bring that all-important level of immersion whether playing through the campaign or multiplayer.

You also get an in-game bonus too, in this case, the Deathly Poison Armor Coating.

One definitely worth 'ear marking' for October.

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BlackWidow V3 – Halo Infinite Edition ($179.99 USD / €159.99 MSRP)

Image Credit: Razer

If you're playing on PC then it pays to invest in one of the best keyboards you can find, and Razer does a great job of delivering the goods in that department.

This BlackWidow V3 combines resilient and robust build quality, with Razer™ Mechanical Switches, which boast both responsiveness and longevity.

On top of that, it even comes with an in-game Deathly Poison Weapon win.

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DeathAdder V2 – Halo Infinite Edition $79.99 USD / €79.99 MSRP

Image Credit: Razer

The DeathAdder V2 is an iconic (and super versatile) mouse in its own right, but with this fresh coat of paint, it takes things to a whole new level.


It's ergonomically designed so it should be comfortable to use even when sinking in some solid hours into the game, and it also boasts unrivalled precision to give you the edge in combat.

And don't forget about the in-game bonus, which comes in the form of the Fangs Emblem...appropriately awesome.

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Goliathus Extended Chroma – Halo Infinite Edition $79.99 / €89.99 MSRP

RGB Mousepad
Image Credit: Razer

This Goliathis Extended Chroma, we think, adds that finishing touch to what could be a particularly epic setup.


Optimised for total tracking responsiveness and powered by the impressive Razer Chroma RGB, you're getting something here that delivers on looks and performance.

Great for people who want to make sure they have every tool at their disposal to win big.

It comes with 5 challenge swaps too!

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