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Nintendo Switch OLED Stock Update UK: Here's Where You Can STILL Pre-Order

Even though the Nintendo Switch Oled Model is slated for an October release, history tells us that when it comes to securing an order, it pays to be in the loop with any and all stock updates, especially in the UK.

That's why we're here to share any news, rumours, tips and more that can help you get the edge when it comes to getting the new and improved Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Oled Stock Update UK

Update 23 July: Good news as the Switch Oled is still available to pre-order at select stores, including Argos, which you can check right here.

Very is also still offering pre-orders, which you can check here too!

Amazon, however, is still quiet on their side after the initial rush of pre-orders last week. They'll likely open up pre-orders again before release, so keep your eyes peeled.

Update 19 July: If you're still looking to pre-order your Switch Oled Model, there are still some stores where you can do it.


At the time of writing, Argos still has pre-orders available, and we'd recommend securing yours early to avoid dissapointment on release date.

Head over to our pre-order hub for all the links you need!

Update 16 July: Amazon (UK) has finally opened up pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Oled model.

We'd advise securing your console asap to prevent any chances of disappointment as we get closer to release.

Use the link below to go straight to the product page!

Update 12 July: After an initial flurry of pre-orders hit the scene it appears that a number of retailers are still holding their horses.

Most notably, Amazon (UK), has a product listing live, but you can't pre-order it just yet.

When will they set it to live? We're predicting it could be as early as this week, which could potentially align with a rumoured PS5 stock drop too.


We'll announce as soon as we hear more on Gfinity Deals UK.

Update 8 July: If you're looking to guarantee your Nintendo Switch Oled Model pre-orders are starting to open up in the UK at select retailers.

Interestingly, Amazon has a product listing for the new console, however, it is yet to allow for pre-orders.

Head over to our pre-order hub for more information, and we'll back with you as soon as we hear more!

6 July 2021: The Nintendo Switch Oled has finally been unveiled and boy does it look great!

We've got everything you need to know about the new Switch right here, and while some may be disappointed that it's not 4K (as rumoured), many will be thrilled with the new look and impressive OLED screen.

We're still waiting on pre-order announcements, and we'll be on high alert for these over on our Twitter page too.

As of yet, the new Switch isn't following suit to the likes of the new DualSense controllers, which went on pre-order only shortly after being showcased.

Will There Be A Nintendo Switch OLED Shortage?


The big question and one that many who are still awaiting the next PS5 drop know only too well.

While we have some shortages with next-gen consoles, we have also experienced past shortages with the Nintendo Switch too.

Likely as a result of Covid, a surge in demand, and other factors, we hope that history won't repeat itself, but time will tell.

Where To Buy The Nintendo Switch OLED

There are a few major UK retailers we'd say are likely to stock the console:

Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED (UK)