Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Orders: Here's Where To Guarantee Your Console

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After months of speculation and rumours surrounding a new OLED screen, we finally have our first glimpse at the new Nintendo Switch, but the big question is, where can you pre-order it?

We're on high alert and will update this article with all the latest information and links so you can have the best chance of guaranteeing what we think will be a hugely in-demand console.


Here's what we know so far, and where we may see pre-orders pop up.

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Orders

Latest News

August 23: Pre-orders in the UK and the US continue to remain out-of-stock. Argos recently launched a batch of pre-orders for the white OLED model, but these appear to be sold out already.

July 19: Pre-orders went fast in the US with Amazon, as the new Switch OLED continues to show heavy demand.

For those of you in the UK, Argos still has pre-orders live for the Switch OLED, which you can pre-order here.

July 16: Amazon US Switch OLED pre-orders are now live.


Amazon (UK) has now opened Nintendo Switch Pre-orders!

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders were LIVE in the US at GameStop, but only for a short while. It may be the case that they are coming in waves.

Best Buy's Switch pre-orders also went live, and now Target has too.

Here are the links you'll need below to try your luck!

Argos also went live last week with Nintendo Switch Oled pre-orders. Use the link below to secure your console!


A listing on Amazon UK has appeared for the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, although they appear to be temporarily out of stock. We'll announce any Amazon restocks as soon as we can, but feel free to check with the link below.

Pre-orders are now LIVE at GAME and Smyths Toys for the Nintendo Switch OLED model.



We're yet to see any other retailers stocking pre-orders, but we'd advise staying on high alert just in case.


Alternatively, you can register your interest in the Nintendo Switch OLED on the Nintendo website or on GAME to be notified of news on the console.

Keep reading for the other places we're expecting to see pre-orders become available.

Where To Pre-Order Nintendo Switch OLED

While not explicitly confirmed there are a number of major retailers we're predicting may also stock pre-orders for the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

Check out our list below and make sure to follow us at GfinityDealsUK and GfinityDealsUSA for live announcements.

Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED (UK)

Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED (US)

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