Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Pre-Orders, Where To Buy, Deals And More

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The recent Microsoft event saw the unveiling of a fair few interesting products, but most notably the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, the firm's second crack at a foldable phone.

Alongside the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold3, it looks like Microsoft are banking on the Surface Duo 2 kickstarting a foldable revolution, which could be the case, all things considered.


More pressingly though, is it worth picking up Microsoft's attempt at a foldable phone? Well, we're here to give you our own two cents on the matter.

Let's get to it!

Latest Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Deals

As the pre-order was announced last night, it's unlikely that you'll find any deals for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 just yet.

With that being said, as we get closer to release on the 20th of October, some retailers may be offering some deals, and after release too, so be sure to check back with us.

In the meantime, we've listed a couple of retailers below who are offering immediate pre-orders for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Pre-orders

Microsoft Store (UK)


Microsoft Store (US)

Best Buy

It'll also be worth checking out your phone contract provider as they may offer upgrades to the Surface Duo 2 and get you a great deal in the process.

Why Should You Buy The Microsoft Surface Duo 2?

Before pulling the trigger on pre-ordering though, it's worth taking some time just to familiarise yourself with why the Surface Duo 2, in our eyes, is a much more solid pick than Microsoft's first effort.

Beefier internals

Principally, the Surface Duo 2 is a much more modern phone than the original, given the fact it now features a much speedier Snapdragon 888 5G processor, along with both NFC for wireless payment and Qi for wireless charging. Those two features were notably absent on the older Surface Duo.


On the front of internals. you'll also find support for 5G connectivity at long last, meaning that Microsoft will allow you to take advantage of much quicker network speeds that also happen to be more reliable with lower latency.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, product image of a foldable phone
Image Credit: Microsoft

A quicker display

The display here too has also been uprated nicely with a 90Hz display and a total size of 8.3 inches over the two screens when placed together. Microsoft also states that they've also got a higher resolution of 1344x1892.

Moreover, the way that the Surface Duo 2 works by way of its folding is also other foldable flagships. Where others like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold3 offer a single display that folds in two, the Duo 2 instead uses two separate screens that are hinged.

One of the only things that have been kept between the original Duo and this new one is the rather thick bezels around the display.

Triple cameras for everyone

The original Duo was plagued by a single camera setup that was out of date before the phone had even been released, so for this new phone to be even vaguely competitive, Microsoft had to up their game by a fair amount.


Well, we're pleased to report that the Duo 2 comes bundled with a triple camera setup round the back with a 16MP ultrawide along with a 12MP camera for wide shots and another for telephoto.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The release of Microsoft's own brand new foldable will present potential buyers with an intriguing conundrum - do they stay with Microsoft or go with Samsung's own foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold3?


On the front of specs, there isn't too much to pick between the two phones. They both run the Snapdragon 888 5G processor which means there shouldn't be too much of a discrepancy between them.

Both phones are therefore also 5G compatible, so achieving higher network speeds shouldn't be an issue at all.


Again, with regards to the camera, there's not necessarily a clear winner as both phones offer similar triple cameras with rather similar aperture levels.


For context, the Z Fold3 offers an array of 12MP cameras with one for wide photography, one for telephoto photography and another for ultrawide photography. There's also another two selfie cameras on Samsung's offering, too.


Arguably the most important thing though with a foldable phone is its display, as it is essentially their unique selling point.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold3 offers a screen that folds out with a total size of 7.6 inches, just shy of some more compact tablets out there. It is also an uninterrupted display here, meaning that it can be perceived as one, larger screen.

By contrast, the Surface Duo 2 has a larger total screen size of 8.3 inches with two 5.8 inch displays, The key difference here though is that the two screens are hinged, allowing for a clamshell-type arrangement in a similar vein to the older Nintendo DS consoles.

There isn't an outer screen on the Duo 2, unlike the Z Fold3, but you will find a dinky display built into the hinge, allowing for at-a-glance notifications.

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