Football Manager 2022: OUT NOW! Editions, Bonuses, And More

The release of Football Manager 2022 is finally here, and we've got you covered with everything you need to pick the right copy for you.

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Where To Order Football Manager 2022

There are a number of different versions of FM22 set for release. Here's what looks to be available right now, and what's on its way.

If you're planning on playing FM 22 on Xbox, good news, as it'll be available on Game Pass For Xbox and Game Pass For PC from 9th November, as a Day One release!

As for FM 22 on Switch, we'll keep you posted as to when we'll hear more, but what we do know is that it's expected to be the Touch version of the game.

Football Manager 2022 Standard Edition

As it stands, there aren't any special edition versions of FM22 around, so you'll be left with ordering the standard version of the game, or its respective variations.

With a physical copy of the game, you can also get access to the 'Coaching Planner' poster.

Whilst FM22 is a primarily PC and Mac-based game, it will be possible to pick it up for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox version will launch on day one with Game Pass.

Football Manager 2022 is also available to order from the following platforms:

  • Steam - £35.99
  • Epic Games Store - £35.99

In addition, any stockist that Sega specifies as a 'Sega Approved' retailer will also be allowing for beta access and offer the same 10% discount as is present on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Football Manager 2022 Touch

The only other available version of FM22 is FM22 Touch which will be the sole version available for Nintendo Switch.

FM Touch was always included with the PC/Mac version of the game, but that looks set to change from this year.

It offers a streamlined version of the full game that focuses more on the core aspects of management and can be a great choice for those just getting started with the series.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

For iOS and Android devices, also expect to find Football Manager 2022 Mobile which offers a handheld version of the management sim, allowing you to take charge of your favourite club whilst on the go.

Before picking it up though, it might be worth you checking out our best phones for gaming list so you have plenty of power under the hood to play with a big database.

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