Warzone Season 4: Get Ready For The Next Season With These Pro-level Gaming Headsets

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It’s looking to be an exciting week of gaming, but all these new game and console announcements will have you quickly burning a hole in your wallet.

If you’re looking to save money before the next-gen kicks off, we’ve put together some of the best deals of the day. If you missed yesterday’s offers, check them out here.

Deals of the Day

Get ready for the PS5 reveal with £20 off this NUBWO gaming headset

The rescheduled PlayStation 5 reveal event is set to take place this Thursday. In their blog post, Sony recommended players should use headphones to make use of “some cool audio work” in the show. This fantastic noise-cancelling headset promises an immersive gaming experience and is available for £34.99. It's available via next-day delivery too, so you should receive it before the event starts.

BUY HERE:NUBWO Gaming Headphones with Noise Cancelling

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Improve your in-game audio with £30 off this incredible Razer headset

For FPS games like Warzone or Modern Warfare, audio is essential to getting the jump on your opponent. Upgrading your headset to the pro-level Razer Kraken Tournament Edition- available for £60 from Amazon- is sure to give you the advantage is close-range encounters. This headset promises to deliver “seamless 360 Degree positional audio” that will help you locate those pesky campers.

BUY HERE:Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Headset

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Top up your Xbox Live credit before Season 4 drops

With Modern Warfare’s Season 4 rumoured to release on Wednesday, now is the perfect time to stock up on Xbox credit before it starts. The Battle Pass will cost you 1000 COD Points, or 2400 CP for 20 Tier Skips, so make sure to buy enough credit to cover the cost.

BUY HERE: Xbox Live Credit

Freebies of the Day

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day is free on Steam for today only

This is a very hot deal, ending at 6 PM tonight! Take on the role of an engineering robot in New Game Order’s post-apocalyptic adventure game, free to keep for all Steam users today only. With a sequel coming later in the year, don’t miss out on the first instalment worth £10.99.

GET HERE:The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day

Get your sporting fix with a free trial of the Echo Boom Sports Channel

The Premier League is still a couple of weeks away, so if you’re craving that sporting fix, try out the Echo Boom Channel for a collection of the best action sports films.

GET HERE:Echo Boom Sports Channel Free Trial

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