DEAL ALERT: Razer BlackWidow Elite Gaming Keyboard is 41% OFF at Amazon US!

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The Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features orange mechanical key switches, which offer a tactile yet silent design, allowing this keyboard to stay relatively quiet and not be picked up on most microphones.

This gaming keyboard is currently on sale at Amazon for 41% off!

Check out this gaming keyboard with the link below, or continue reading to hear more about it!

The Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is NOW $99!

This gaming keyboard utilizes Razer's orange key switches, which feature tactile feedback but has an overall quieter click than other key switches.

These key switches require roughly 45 grams of force for actuation, and this means that typing is incredibly effortless, eliminating miss clicks due to resting your fingers on the keys.

Source: Razer
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Source: Razer

It also comes with an Ergonomic wrist rest design to provide a large amount of comfort when gaming or typing for long periods of time.

This wrist rest is stays connected to the main keyboard thanks to its magnetic design and feature plush leatherette. This keeps the rest feeling soft and cushioning your wrist even during longer gaming sessions!

Source: Razer
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Source: Razer

It features a military-grade top plate that allows for its high level of durability, ensuring that this keyboard won't fail you!

What We Think

The Razer keyboard offers a fantastic combination of design, durability, and functionality, allowing gamers to play without worrying if their button press will be registered.

The simple black design is easily highlighted well by the RGB lighting on each key, which can be customized using Razer's software to match your specific style.

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Bottom Line

It has some amazing features that both average PC users and hardcore gamers will enjoy, and since it is currently 41% off on Amazon, it's worth looking into as your next gaming keyboard.

The current sale drops its price from $169.99 down to below $100! Saving you $70 when buying this fantastic keyboard.

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