Daily Deals: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at Argos' LOWEST price ever!

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Let's face it, some of the most popular games in the world are on mobile. Technology has advanced so far that games like Fortnite, PubG Mobile, and more look and play brilliantly well on mobile.

It's still yet to be confirmed as to whether other popular titles like Fall Guys will head to mobile, but we have high hopes!


Whether you're looking to explore the world of mobile gaming, upgrade your current phone, or find something that literally does it all - you'll want to check out this deal at Argos.



Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB is at Argos' lowest price ever and comes in at £499.00 for the Sim-free phone.

Samsung phone

WIDESCREEN: Enjoy your gaming with a huge field of view with this beauty 


It's one seriously good looking phone, but there's definitely more to it than meets the eye! 

See it on Argos:Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB

Why should you go for it?

Like with all of our deals, we could probably list a ton of reasons to bag them while they're still available! 

Keep reading for our top 3 reasons to go for this mobile!


Awesome Detail


This mobile has a stunning 6.3 Infinity-O Display which should make your games come alive when playing them. Perfect for capturing all the fine detail that's been crafted into some of the best mobile games nowadays.

Impressive Battery

The Galaxy Note10's battery is quite the intelligent customer, and actually redirects power from apps you're not using. What that means is more time gaming, and less time stressing!

HUGE Storage

This machine houses an internal memory 256GB, which is huge! More than enough to store your videos, games, and more with some space left over!

Samsung Phone

LIGHTS, CAMERA, SELFIE! Don't forget the amazing camera too!


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