Daily Deals: HUGE savings on this awesome hard drive for console and PC

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When it comes to next-gen, and even current-gen gaming, storage is going to an important element to factor in.

Pre-orders for Xbox Series S and Playstation 5 Digital version were huge, as tons of people opted to stick with downloaded versions of games over having the use of a disc drive.


While you may save some cash, keeping your console free (or at least free enough for updates and new releases) is a must! 

Thankfully, there's a solution, and right now it's on sale!



WD HDD 2TB Drive

This HDD is currently on sale at only £64.99 down from £89.99 on Amazon.

WD Black 2TB

SOLID: With its sturdy build, you can take it on the go worry-free

It has a substantial 2TB of space, which is more than enough for most people out there, on top of a quality, and durable casing to protect your gaming library.

And as far a hard drives go - it's pretty good looking too!

Don't Miss Out! Get the WD 2 TB HDD BLACK for only £64.99 on Amazon

Make room for the latest updates!

As you may have seen Call of Duty Season 6 Update is on the way. The update is around the 20GB region, which may not sound like much, but could well require some deleting and uninstalling.


DROP-IN! Get into the action right off the bat!

External storage solutions like this take all the stress out of downloading new games and updates and actually allow you to grow your gaming library substantially too.

Take advantage of some of the awesome deals on PS Plus or Games with Gold, without the arduous task of deleting your games!


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