Best Wireless Headphones Under 100: Our Top Picks For November

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If you're looking for some of the best wireless headphones and you've got a strict budget of under £100/$100 then we've got you covered right here.

Of course, you could spend a mint on some Bose QC 45s or Sony's WH-1000XM4s, but arguably you can find similar features for less.


Whether you're wanting a handy all-round pair in the Sennheiser HD 450BTs or you're looking for a handy pair of foldable headphones with the AKG Y400s, then here's a few choices to help you on your quest for immersive audio for a wallet-friendly price.

Let's get to it!

Best Wireless Headphones Under 100

Best Wireless Headphones Under 100 JBL - JBL Tune 700BT

Image Credit: JBL
Image Credit: JBL

Manufacturer: JBL | Drivers: 40mm | Bluetooth: Yes | ANC: No | Companion App: No | Battery Life: 27 hours | Weight: 220g

JBL are well-known in the world of audio, producing some of the best Bluetooth speakers to date, and we think the JBL Tune 700BT headphones live up to their standards.

When it comes to sound, these headphones feature JBL Pure Bass technology which boasts richer, defined, deeper tones that should provide a powerful listening experience.

In terms of battery life, you're getting up to 27 hours of playback on a single charge which is fantastic even when compared to some of the best wireless headphones around.

The JBL Tune 700BT also come with a built-in mic which should mean they're a great option for hands-free calling too.

Best Wireless Headphones Under 100 - Sennheiser HD 450BT 

Image Credit: Sennheiser
Image Credit: Sennheiser

Manufacturer: Sennheiser | Drivers: 32mm | Bluetooth: Yes (compatible with aptX Low Latency) | ANC: Yes | Companion App: Yes | Battery Life: 40 hours (With ANC)/ 60 hours (Without ANC) | Weight: 238g

We think one of the best options for under 100 when it comes to wireless headphones are the Sennheiser HD 450BTs.

With a big-name brand behind them to match their quality, the 450BTs provide a fantastic all-around experience.

Their design is more on the minimalistic side, as is typical with Sennheiser products, which is presented in a choice of either black or white. You’ll be pleased to find out the 450BT’s noise cancelling is excellent, but as expected, not in the absolute busiest of environments.

The Bluetooth connectivity here is also compatible with aptX Low Latency which syncs audio and video with practically no delays. Overall sound quality is rich and vibrant with plenty of body and bass.

As is also usual with Sennheiser, the HD 450BTs find a way to exceed their price point thanks to aptX Low Latency support and a 30-hour battery life providing plenty for people to like.


Best Foldable Wireless Headphones Under 100 - AKG Y400

Picture Credit: AKG
Picture Credit: AKG

Manufacturer: Samsung | Drivers: 36mm | Bluetooth: Yes | ANC: No | Companion App: No | Battery Life: 20 hours | Weight: 170g

If you’re looking for a set of on-ears that are available in all sorts of colours and presented in a classy way, then the AKG Y400s are a great option.

There’s plenty of well-cushioned padding, that should provide a rather comfortable experience indeed, which is certainly welecome considering that some of the more affordable headphones can be somewhat lacking in this department.

Audio should also deliver thanks to its 36mm drivers that, whilst smaller than the previous model, will be more than enough for most people.


They also fold down nicely for portability and offer a substantial 20-hour battery life. Note, though, that the AKG Y400s don’t have active noise cancellation, unlike other cans on our list.

Best Mid-Range Wireless Headphones - Philips PH805

Image Credit: Philips
Image Credit: Philips

Manufacturer: Philips | Drivers: 40mm | Bluetooth: Yes | ANC: Yes | Companion App: Yes | Battery Life: 25 hours (With ANC)/30 hours (Without ANC) | Weight: 280g

Talking of active noise cancellation, the Philips PH805s provide this at a similar price to the Y400s, offering an overall premium feel for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Bluetooth connectivity is included thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, along with a light 280g shell that arrives in a professional colour combo of black and grey. Passive noise isolation is also pretty good with these, as is the crisp sound on offer thanks to the PH805’s 40mm drivers.


Battery life with these is pretty handy at 25 hours with ANC on, and 30 hours with it off. Plus, it also takes on 90 minutes to charge from empty, ensuring you can be up and running in no time at all.

Best On-Ear Headphones Under 100 - Jabra Elite 45h

Image Credit: Jabra
Image Credit: Jabra

Manufacturer: Jabra | Drivers: 40mm | Bluetooth: Yes | ANC: No | Companion App: Yes | Battery Life: 50 hours | Weight: 296g

For those within the more affordable audio space, Jabra should be a familiar name thanks to their swathes of great performing true wireless earbuds such as the 90ts. That same performance also extends into their on-ear endeavours thanks to the Jabra Elite 45hs.

There are all the usual creature comforts with some 40mm full-range drivers that are said to provide some quite weighty and punchy sound for the price, as well as an additional companion app with Jabra’s Sound+ and voice control through Alexa, Google Assistant, Or Siri.


The headline figure though with the Elite 45hs though is its 50-hour battery life which smashes some even more expensive headphones out of the water, and they also charge quickly too – just 15 minutes of charge provides 10 hours of playback time.

For the price, it’s hard to argue with what’s on offer with the Elite 45hs, and we'd consider them as one of the best all-rounders out there.

Best Headphones Under 100 With ANC - Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 

Image Credit: Anker
Image Credit: Anker

Manufacturer: Anker | Drivers: 40mm | Bluetooth: Yes | ANC: Yes | Companion App: Yes | Battery Life: 40 hours (With ANC)/ 60 hours (Without ANC) | Weight: 263g

For a list of the best wireless headphones under 100, it would seem silly not to include a pair from Anker, a brand that’s become renowned for its blend of affordability and great performance. Enter the Soundcore Life Q30s.


Like the Phillips PH805s, there’s ANC present, which proves to be great at blocking out any unwanted sound and for the price, remains practically unrivalled.

Their overall construction isn’t ground-breaking, but a hard plastic shell in three different colours – black, pink and blue – ensures they remain sturdy enough for day-to-day usage.

They're also said to be pretty bassy, which granted may not be for everyone, will certainly be for some.

in fact, the Soundcore Life Q30s also have an additional companion app that has an eight-band EQ inside so you can turn it down yourself, or use any of the 22 built-in presets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Budget Headphones

Do I need Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for the best headphones?

If you're wanting to basically block out every single noise and let your headphones handle things, then investing in some of the best pairs with ANC is an inspired choice.


On a fundamental level, having ANC within a pair of headphones just helps to remove basically any distractions.

However, if you're fine with a tight fit and ANC isn't that important, then other headphones with fantastic passive noise isolation will work fine. Even some of the best gaming headsets only feature passive noise isolation as opposed to going with the more active option.

Should I buy on-ear or over-ear headphones to get the best experience?

An age-old question within the headphone debate. Over-ear headphones arguably provide more immersion in comparison as the cups actually surround your eyes and enclose them, providing a good fit.

By contrast, on-ears, as their name suggests, provides an experience where the cups sit on your ears. This, in the eyes of some, is a little more comfortable, but can, if the headband is poorly engineered, lead to some sound being seeped out and the overall experience slightly affected.

Does padding matter when looking for the best headphones?

Of course. In order for no sound to be lost, it's integral that a good pair provides enough of a seal to keep noise in and therefore offer a richer sound.

It is important though that the headband isn't too restrictive though or that the padding on offer isn't too voluminous to cope with.

How much should I spend on the best wireless headphones?

As you'll see from above, you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune in order to get a great listening experience.

All our choices above are under 100 which is a happy medium in terms of pricing as you're getting some more premium features for a price that won't break the bank.

You can spend more, of course, and you'll get better quality ANC and a higher quality of materials used, but spending 350+ unless you're a true audiophile may be a little overkill.

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