Best TV Wall Mount 2021: Our Top Picks For November

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If you want to take your entertainment setup to a whole new level after buying one of the best TVs out there, it's worth finding the best TV wall mount you can, and nowadays there are plenty to choose from for practically every budget.

We've picked some that stood out from the crowd, based on specs, reviews, and what type of setup we think they'd be great for, plus we've got answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best TV wall mount for your needs.


So whether you're wanting a cracking tilt mount like the Mounting Dream TV Mount, or you want a brilliant choice for smaller TVs in the AVF Superior ACL224, we've got you covered so you can kickstart your search in the best way possible.

Best TV Wall Mount

Best Tilt TV Wall Mount - Mounting Dream TV Mount

best TV mount, product image of a black wall mount, with a spirit level.
Image Credit: Mounting Dream

Brand: Mounting Dream | Max Weight: 132 lbs | Type: Tilt | VESA: 200x100mm - 600 x 400mm | TV Size Range: 37 - 70 inches

Tilt TV wall mounts are great if you're looking for something lower profile, and you can save a bit of cash thanks their simple, yet still effective, functionality.


This Mounting Dream TV mount offers an inexpensive solution to display your TV in all its glory, and has a few surprising features that should come in handy.

Case in point, the quick release straps, which allow you to perform activities such as swapping out cables super easily.

It tilts up to 8 degrees, which is more than enough to combat any glare from lights and holds a hefty 132 lbs max weight.

A good, affordable option for most people out there that will make your TV look fantastic.

Best TV Wall Mount All-Rounder - ECHOGEAR Swivel Articulating TV Wall Mount

best TV mount Echogear, product image of a wall bracket with red logo
Image Credit: Echogear

Brand: Echogear | Max Weight: 125 lbs | Type: Articulating, Dual Arm | TV Size Range: 37 - 75 inches

If you're looking for a feature-packed wall mount then you'll want to check out this one from Echogear.

Articulating TV mounts offer increased adjustability, in this case allowing for you to literally pull the TV away from the wall and then angle it in numerous directions.

With this TV mount, you can swivel it 130 degrees and it extends out 16", which should prove more than enough for most setups.

One of the small downsides to these mounts is that they do come away from the wall more than some of the standard, low profile brackets, so you may not get that all-important 'flush' look with these.

But what you are getting is something that can be manoeuvred into the optimal position for when you're at any spot in the room, which makes it perfect if you're living in an open planned set up and use the room for other activities like exercising and cooking.


A big winner in our eyes, we think this Echogear wall mount is well worth looking into.

Best TV Wall Mount For Medium Sized TVs - Vogels WALL 3345

Best Tv wall mount, product picture of black wall mount for TV
Image Credit: Vogel's

Brand: Volger's | Max Weight: 66 lbs | Type: Full Motion | TV Size Range: 40 - 65 inches | VESA: 100 x 100 to 400 x 600mm

If you've got a TV that's more on the 'medium' size, like a 43-inch display and want something minimally designed, sturdy, and with full motion, it's worth checking out Vogels WALL 3345.

It ticks many of the familiar boxes you'd expect from a more premium TV wall mount, such as wide compatibility, tilting of 20 degrees (below) and a full 190 degrees swivel left and right.


The Vogels WALL 3345 is also one of the less conspicuous wall mounts we've seen, utilising a single base instead of some of the more train-track looking bases you can come across.

Overall, the Vogels WALL 3345 is a great choice for those going for a more sleek-looking TV mounting solution.

Best TV Wall Mount For Small Screens - AVF Superior ACL224

best Tv mount product image of a Tv wall mount black
Image Credit: Brand New

Brand: Brand New | Max Weight: 44 lbs | Type: Full Motion | TV Size Range: up to 40" | VESA: 50 x 50, 75x75, 100x100, 200x200mm

Some of the best cheap TVs are often smaller sizes. If you have a small screen, but don't want to miss out on the flexibility of having a TV wall mount, then you'll want to check out this AVF Superior ACL224.


This is the type of wall mount that'll be a great choice for garage gyms, bedrooms, or even home offices.

It features 180 degrees swivelling, can tilt up to 15 degrees, and extends out 33cm, which gives you practically every option you need to find the right viewing angle for you.

For small screens, you really can't go wrong with this wall mount.

Best TV Wall Mount Large - Sanus VLT5

best TV wall mount, product image of a black metal tilting mount
Image Credit: Sanus

Brand: Sanus | Max Weight: 121 lbs | Type: Tilt | VESA: 200x100mm - 600 x 400mm | TV Size Range: 42 - 90 inches

If you've got a larger television and want a tilting mount to affix it to the wall, then the Sanus VLT5 looks to be a great choice.

It'll support TVs from 42 inches all the way up to 90 and has a max weight of 121lbs, making this a seriously sturdy choice that's designed to hold the best TVs.

The Sanus VLT5 also offers up fingertip tilt adjustment, which means it should be a doddle to move your TV to whatever angle you wish.

In addition, you'll find it looks to be easy enough to install and an all metal frame ensures it should be sturdy and also supports plenty of VESA patterns to mount all manner of TVs.

Moreover, it also comes with the ability to slide the TV from side to side so, if you've had the offset the mount as a result of existing wall fixings, this mount will allow you to recentre your screen.

Best TV Wall Mount Fixed - QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK

best tv wall mount, product image of a wall basic wall mount
Image Credit: QualGear

Brand: QualGear | Max Weight: 88 lbs | Type: Fixed | TV Size Range: 37" to 70" | VESA: 200x200mm to 800x400mm

Much like some of the best monitor arms, sometimes all you need is something basic that will fix your TV in the best position on your wall.

This QualGear TV wall mount ticks all the boxes you'd need in this regard. It's sturdy, holding up to 88 lbs, and it's super low profile giving your TV that flush look against the wall, that we think looks amazing.

It's even got a spring lock system for easy attachment and detachment, which should come in handy if you find yourself changing cables around.

In our eyes, it's a great wall mount to consider if you don't think you'll need full motion functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Wall Mounts

Getting a TV wall mount can be a little bit of a challenge, especially as they require a little DIY and forward planning, but we've got a few tips, tricks, and answers here that should help you make the right choice.


What is the best type of TV wall mount?

There are a few to choose from, as we've listed above, but they basically fall into full motion, tilt, and fixed.

Full motion typically allows you to extend the TV out, swivel it 180 degrees to each side, and tilt it.

Tilt offers, as the name implies, just the tilt function, and as you can guess 'fixed' just holds your TV in place.

To pick the right one for you, it's a good idea to consider how much glare you get from lights or outside and where you want to view the TV from in the room.

We'd say go with a full-motion mount so you have all the options available should you need to use them.

Do you need studs to mount a TV?

Studs are the wooden beams inside walls, and it is usually advised that if you're going to mount a TV, you do so by attaching it to them.


This makes for a more solid and sturdy fixture, as does mounting into concrete or brick. You don't need studs to mount a TV, but we'd say it's one of the better options to go for.

Can you mount a TV onto drywall?

In short, yes, but we'd say it's better to go with other options if available.

Drywall by itself is not as strong as studs or concrete, but there are some TV wall mounts designed for it.

Take note that some TV stands are not designed to be mounted in drywall, so choose your selection wisely to avoid any issues with installation.

What does VESA mean when it comes to TV wall mounts?

This is the distance between the four holes that you'll typically find at the back of TVs. VESA is the standard way of measuring this, so you'll normally find TVs fitting specific measurements which align with numerous TV wall mounts.


Simply check the measurements on your TV and align them with the TV mount's, but in most cases, you'll find the mounts have multiple options built-in, so you'll be able to find something that fits very quickly.

Is it worth mounting your TV to the wall?

We'd say it is, as it frees up space in rooms drastically and means that you don't need to purchase an enormous table for a large screen TV, which can be both expensive and hard to find.

Just like if you buy a great monitor arm , you'll quickly come to see just how vital TV mounts can be.

The fact that you can swivel the TV out is great for open planned areas, especially rooms which serve a number of different purposes.

If you can find someone to give you a hand with installing it, even better!

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