Best Standing Desk 2021: Our Top Picks For November

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So you've decided you're looking for the best standing desk to make your working day that little bit more comfortable.

Well, where do you start? Single motor or dual motor? What colour or wood finish would you like? How high do you need it to go? Well, luckily we've done all the hard work for you by looking through the spec sheets, additional features and reviews to form this list.


Whether you're looking for the adjustability of the Yo-Yo Desk Pro 2+ or a rather affordable pick in the Flexispot EF1, we've got you covered right here.

Let's get to it!

Best Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk - Seville Classics Airlift Pro S3

best standing desk, product image of a white standing desk
Image Credit: Seville Classics

Manufacturer: Seville Classics | Dimensions: 47 inches x 54 inches x 28 inches (HWD) | Colour/Material Options: Multiple | USB Ports: Yes | Adjustable: Yes

The Seville Classics Airlift Pro S3 is one of the best all round options out there, specifically becuase its packed to the brim with useful features.

For starters, this particular desk is available in a myriad of different colour and material options including a combo that allows for dry-erase markers to be used, so your tabletop can turn into a whiteboard if needs be.

It's height-adjustable at levels of up to 47 inches, or just shy of four feet, providing ample height when you do want to stand up. It can also go up and down, so you can use this as a desk to sit at, too.

You'll also find the Airlift Pro S3 has some intriguing smart features including an integrated USB hub with three ports that can be used to connect all manner of devices from phones to computer mice.


For further comfort, we'd recommend picking up a top monitor arm to give you the best viewing angles, and to secure your monitor. After all, it's quite a drop from standing height.

Its quiet dual motor setup also ensures that the operation of adjusting the desk's height is smooth, too. At 54 inches wide in total too, this is also a rather compact desk, which can fit in some small spaces.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk - Yo-Yo Desk Pro 2+

best standing desk, product image of a grey and wood-topped standing desk
Image Credit: Yo-Yo

Manufacturer: Yo-Yo | Dimensions: 130cm x 120/140/160/180cm x 80cm (HWD) | Colour/Material Options: Multiple | USB Ports: No | Adjustable: Yes

One of the best adjustable standing desks out there comes courtesy of the Yo-Yo Desk Pro 2+.


Where this stood out from the crowd to us is on the fact it's a got a total height adjustment range of 60cm up to 120cm, which should make it a handy choice for people of all heights.

Compared to some other solely manual adjust desks, the Pro 2+ is electrically adjustable at the touch of a button as well as setting three presets, which the desk remembers. Although, if you do want to set the height manually, the option is present here.

It also comes in four different widths ranging from 120 to 180cm which will provide a lot of space for all that office work, especially if you've kitted out your setup with one of the biggest and best monitors out there.

There's also a myriad of different material and colour options that should help to fit with the decor of every home office.

Best Smart Standing Desk - FLYTTA 2

best standing desk, product image of a grey desk with beech wooden top
Image Credit: Flytta

Manufacturer: Flytta | Dimensions: 64-130cm x 120/140/160/180cm x 80cm (HWD) | Colour/Material Options: Multiple | USB Ports: No | Adjustable: Yes

Okay, the FLYTTA 2 may not be 'smart' in the traditional sense of the word in the tech world, but offers one of the most convenient user experiences out there.


With its sturdy steel frame, we think this desk is one of the most stable options on the market, as well as an adjustable height range of 66cm making this a good option for anyone up to 7 feet tall.

The FLYTTA 2 also has an average of 48dB of noise from the motors when raising and lowering. Those electric motors also ensure that their adjustment is also quick and simple, as does the intuitive and integrated control panel.

Having four width options too makes this a good option for both small and large rooms, as well as those who need plenty of space for peripherals such as great desktop speakers, or even some of the best wireless chargers.

Best Affordable Standing Desk - Flexispot EF1

Manufacturer: Flexispot | Dimensions: 71-121cm x 100/120/140 cm x 60/70/80cm (HWD) | Colour/Material Options: Multiple | USB Ports: No | Adjustable: Yes

Sometimes standing desks can be quite dear, but luckily, the Flexispot EF1 provides us with a wallet-friendly choice.


This particular desk hasn't actually skimped out on many features in contrast to its more expensive friends as there's a 50cm height adjustment range up to 121cm here, along with a choice of three widths from 60 to 80cm that should please the space-savers out there.

For more of a budget choice too, we think the Flexispot EF1 also looks the part thanks to a choice of black, white, or silver colours with a selection of wood tops available.

It also looks to be rather easy to assemble with Flexispot themselves saying it should be all screwed together and ready to use in less than an hour, meaning you'll be able to reap the benefits of a standing desk in no time at all.

Pair this desk with one of our top monitor arm picks or top ergonomic keyboards and you've got the beginnings of a cracking home setup.

Best Standing Desk Converter - Vari Desk Pro Plus 36

Manufacturer: VariDesk | Dimensions: 91.44 x 68.07 x 10.67 cm (HWD) | Colour/Material Options: Black, White | USB Ports: No | Adjustable: Yes

It is possible to reap the benefits of a standing desk without losing your otherwise great desk - by utilising a standing desk converter such as the Vari Desk Pro Plus 36.


A standing desk converter like this one essentially provides the bare-bones experience with a height-adjustable platform for your monitor and keyboard to sit on that is placed on top of your normal desk or surface.

In the case of this Pro Plus 36, this can accommodate a dual monitor set-up which could actually be handy for those who need multiple screens when working. If you opt for this set-up, we'd suggest grabbing a top dual monitor stand , too.

This does latch onto your desk and is height-adjustable, albeit manually to give an extra 45 centimetres of height to allow you to sit or stand.

A total width of 68cm or so also means it's compact enough to fit on most desks and also be small enough to fold down and stow away when not needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Standing Desk

Why should I buy a standing desk?

Having a standing desk can be of major benefit if you're involved in a job that relies on spending a lot of your time on a screen. Even for gamers, standing up may provide you with a different playing experience.


But really it comes down to general health guidelines and advice, in particular, that sitting down too much during the day is not ideal from an activity perspective.

The general consensus from those who have switched to standing desks is that they have more energy and feel more productive - which is a great incentive to get one in our book.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

This is completely up to you and what you find comfortable. Some people who sit at their desks for a long time, such as video editors, say that they do 'bursts' of standing, while we imagine some may go for the long haul.

Do I need a single or dual motor standing desk?

This all depends on what's on your desk and how quickly you want it to lift. Typically, dual-motor desks are quicker and can take more weight.

However, some single motored candidates can be just as powerful and they are usually more affordable, like in the case of the Flexispot EF1.

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