Best Speaker Under 300: Our Top Picks For November

If you're sticking to a budget of under 300 pounds or dollars and looking for the best speaker to suit your needs, we're here to help you with your search.

Within this price range, we've chosen a range of different types of devices from highly portable Bluetooth options to home and computer speakers.

We've put together our list based on specs, reviews and other additional features that we think makes them stand out from the crowd.

So, whether you're interested in the smart capabilities of the Bose Home Speaker 300 or some cracking desktop speakers like the Audioengine A2+, we've got you covered.

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Let's dive in!

Best Speaker Under 300

Best Speaker Under 300 Portable - JBL FLIP 5

Best Speaker Under 300
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Image Credit: JBL

Brand: JBL | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth / USB-C | Power: 20W RMS | Dimensions: 18.1 x 6.9 x 7.4 cm | Weight: 540 grams | Battery Powered: Yes

If you're looking for a fantastic highly portable speaker for under 300, the JBL FLIP 5 could be for you, and we even think it's one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there in fact.

When it comes to battery life, this speaker can last up to 12 hours with continuous music playback, which could make it an ideal companion for a day trip.

This speaker is also highly compact and lightweight weighing only 540 grams which is helpful when carrying it around.

The JBL FLIP 5 also comes with a party boost feature meaning multiple devices can be linked up to spread the music out over a house or venue.

Best Speaker Under 300 Home - Marshal Acton II

Best speaker under 300 home
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Image Credit: Marshall

Brand: Marshall | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth / AUX | Power: 60W | Dimensions: 15.9 x 25.9 x 18.6 cm | Weight: 2.85 kilograms | Battery Powered: No

When it comes to all things audio, Marshall certainly know how to deliver the goods and we think the Acton II is an outstanding home speaker.

In our eyes, this speaker looks fantastic, combining contemporary technology with the iconic Marshall amplifier design, which we think would look great in any room.

This device delivers powerful balanced audio thanks to the Subwoofer speaker that provides up to 60W of power and a frequency range from 50 - 20,000 Hz.

The Acton II allows for both Bluetooth and aux connectivity which makes it adaptable whether you're wanting to play music from your phone or even connect it to a monitor.

Best Speaker Under 300 Desktop - Audioengine A2+

Best Speaker under 300 Desktop
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Image Credit: Audioengine

Brand: Audioengine | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth / RCA / USB | Power: 60W | Dimensions: 13.34 x 10.16 x 15.24 cm | Weight: 3 kilograms | Battery Powered: No

If you're looking for some solid desktop speakers in this price range, the Audioengine A2+ could also be worth checking out.

Including Bluetooth, USB and RCA inputs, you should have no issue issues when connecting your PC, MAC, phone or laptop, which makes these speakers highly diverse.

With both speakers combining to 60W of power you should have more than enough volume to fill the room whether you're consuming entertainment or looking to immerse yourself when gaming.

The Audioengine A2+ pair of speakers are also relatively compact and should slot in nicely to any desktop setup.

Best Speaker Under 300 Waterproof - Ultimate Ears BOOM

Best Speaker Under 300 Waterproof
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Image Credit: Ultimate Ears

Brand: Ultimate Ears | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth / AUX | Dimensions:
7.3 x 18.4 x 7.3 cm | Weight: 608 grams | Battery Powered: Yes

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is another solid choice that offers some fantastic additional features.

This speaker has an IP67 rating which means it is waterproof and can withstand being fully submerged in water for up to 30 mins - very useful if you're using it outdoors.

Alongside this, it is also highly durable and claims to have survived over 25 durability and drop tests which together means you should have no issue when travelling around with this speaker.

This speaker can provide up to 15 hours of playback on a full charge, 360-degree audio and can be paired with other BOOM 3 speakers to create a stereo effect making it a real winner in our eyes.

Best Speaker Under 300 Smart - Bose Home Speaker 300

Best Speaker Under 300 Smart
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Image Credit: Bose

Brand: Bose | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth / AUX | Power: 120W | Dimensions: 10.2 x 14.2 x 16 cm | Weight: 950 grams | Battery Powered: Yes

If you're looking for a high-quality speaker that can also work as your smart home hub, the Bose Home Speaker 300 may be for you.

This speaker is highly adaptable with Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and a 3.5mm Aux jack it provides a range of connections to suit your needs.

Also equipped with built-in voice recognition and Alexa technology you can adjust volume, change playback or even make calls just by speaking which is handy when you're otherwise occupied.

The Home Speaker 300 also works together with a number of other Bose speakers so you can always add another to enjoy music in multiple rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Budget Speakers

Is a higher watt output better for speakers?

Having a higher watt output for speakers doesn't necessarily equate to better sound, as may be generally assumed.

Wattage is traditionally a measure of volume and overall loudness thanks to the added power, but all-out volume isn't always as important as first thought.

Is having a wireless speaker under 300 important?

A wireless speaker is an ideal choice if you want to keep things wire-free and minimalistic, and also if you value Bluetooth.

Although, if you are connecting them to a PC or television, then you don't necessarily need something wireless, or with the ability to connect via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

What can be considered good battery life for a wireless speaker under 300?

For a budget-friendly speaker such as the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, battery life of 15 hours provides a good guide figure on what to expect.

On wireless speakers at this price, anything between 10 and 20 hours is ideal, and any higher certainly exceeds expectations.

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