Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50: Our Top Picks For November

One of the great parts of PC gaming is that there is an almost endless supply of options available when it comes to finding the best headset, even if you're looking for something under £50.

Of course, if you're looking for the absolute best of the best when it comes to audio quality and features, you may want to check out our overall best PC gaming headsets list.

With that being said though if you're looking for something that'll work great, look brilliant, and save you some cash for other accessories, then you've come to the right place.

So, whether you're looking for a brilliant all-round choice with the HyperX Cloud Stinger or you're wanting a top Razer headset in the Razer Kraken X, we've got you covered.

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Let's get into it!

Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 50

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 - Logitech G332

Best PC Gaming Headset Logitech
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Image Credit: Logitech

This Logitech G332 headset has a fair few features that make it great for both PC use and across a range of other devices too.

A flip-to-mute mic, rotating earcups and easily accessible volume control ticks a lot of boxes, especially for under £50.

Design-speaking, it's quite the serious looking piece of gear, which is great if you're not too into the whole RGB aesthetic and want something a bit more minimal looking. 

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 All-Rounder - HyperX Cloud Stinger

Best PC Gaming Headset stereo
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Image Credit: HyperX

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a brilliant all-rounder wired headset and a handy wallet-friendly choice for gamers on a budget.

Much like the Logitech G332, it features rotatable ear cups, a flip-to-mute mic and volume controls on the headset itself.

And truth be told, they even look quite similar in some ways. 

A sturdy headset, with both comfort and a substantial 50 Hz-18,000 Hz frequency range to boot.

Best PC Gaming Headset Razer - Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

Best PC Gaming Headset Razer
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Image Credit: Razer

This headset features an ultra-lightweight design, this design ensures a flexible frame while still providing good durability, it features a weight of 250 grams which is roughly 40% lighter when compared to other headsets. 

As it features a bendable noise-cancelling cardioid microphone, this microphone reduces any ambient noise that ensures crystal-clear communication which is great during those intense moments.

While it features the quality and features many have come to expect from the Razer brand, it doesn't feature a high price tag thanks to the aluminium frame. 

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 JBL - JBL Quantum 100

Best PC Gaming Headset under 50 JBL
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Image Credit: JBL

The JBL Quantum 100 ticks a fair few boxes you'd expect at this price range.

It's super lightweight at 220g and features some lux finishing too with its leather earcups. When it comes to audio, they've got a 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response range, and a directional microphone, which could come in useful for online play.

They're also super versatile thanks to the fact the Quantum 100 utilises a 3.5mm audio connection. Audio quality looks to be pretty bass-heavy which can be handy in FPS games with all those explosions going on.

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 for Durability - Mpow Wired Headset

Best PC Gaming Headset under 50
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Image Credit: Mpow

This Mpow headset has featured in a number of our lists thanks to its super durable build and quality (at a very reasonable price-point).

Featuring larger earcups for comfort and substantial 50mm drivers, the headset is a great choice for those wanting to dive right into the action without delay.

Its steel-reinforced headband is on full display, which gives the headset a more premium look and serves an important practical purpose in ensuring that it lasts for some time to come. 

A solid choice if we ever saw one!

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 for Comfort - Turtle Beach Atlas One

Best PC Gaming Headset Cheap
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Image Credit: Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach Atlas One is a strong choice if you're looking for quality, comfort and a bargain.

It features dual-foam ear cushions which should make this headset pretty damn comfortable, alongside plenty of padding everywhere to offer some decent passive noise isolation.

Alongside this, expect the Turtle Beach Atlas One to have some decent low-end performance and a fair bit of drive.

And as far as looks go, the Turtle Beach 'style' is still on display with this headset, which we think is a great thing!

Best PC Gaming Headset Under 50 Multi-Platform - SteelSeries Arctis 1

Best Gaming headset for PC cheap
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SteelSeries always seem to belt out the hits with their headsets and this Arctis 1 certainly packs a punch for the price range.

Durable and featuring that signature SteelSeries minimal look, this headset is great for PC but goes a long way with other devices too.

The drivers are on the smaller side at 40mm, but you'll still find handy all-round and rather clear audio for both games and music, which is a rarity at this price point and oodles of compatibility thanks to a 3.5mm connection.

If you're more of a casual gamer and want something multifunctional, the Arctis 1 a certainly a good choice. 

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