Best Monitor For Video Editing 2021: Our Top Picks For November

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If you're looking for the best monitor for video editing and don't know where to start, we're here to help you with your search.

The best monitors for video editing tend to produce incredible colour accuracy, are equipped with high resolutions for 4K video content and usually have larger displays for more workspace.


They also often boast some impressive eye care technology, to reduce strain over the long hours needed to perfect quality video content.

Having looked closely at reviews, specs and any other additional features, we've narrowed down this list of our top picks.

So, whether you're looking for an incredible 5K monitor like the MSI Prestige PS341WU or you're on the hunt for a rather professional choice in the Eizo ColorEdge CG319X Professional, we've got you covered.

Let's dive in!

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Best Monitor For Video Editing

Best Monitor For Video Editing All-rounder - BenQ SW321C PhotoVue

Best Monitor For Video Editing BenQ
Image Credit: BenQ

Brand: BenQ | Screen Size: 32-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels | Connectivity Technology: USB-C x1, HDMI x2, DisplayPort x1 | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

When it comes to outstanding monitors for video editing, the BenQ SW321C is a hard one to beat.


In terms of colour reproduction, this monitor features an impressively wide gamut of 100% sRGB, 99% Adobe RGB and 95% DCI-P3, which is useful when going into deeper detail when editing.

We think the 32-inch 4K display will fit nicely into most setups and give you enough breathing room for multiple windows.

When it comes to ports, we think this is one of the best USB-C monitors there is and allows for high speed, data, video and power transfers in one cable, great if you're wanting to connect your MacBook.

For accurate colour, detail, and functionality, the BenQ SW321C may be for you.

Best Monitor For Video Editing 5K - MSI Prestige PS341WU

Best Monitor For Video Editing MSI
Image Credit: MSI

Brand: MSI | Screen Size: 34-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 5120 x 2160 pixels | Connectivity Technology: HDMI x2, DisplayPort x1 | Response Time: 8ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

If 4K resolution isn't enough for you, the MSI Prestige PS341WU could be what you're looking for.


This monitor offers a stunning ultra-wide 34-inch display with 5K resolution and a whopping 163ppi, this should be extremely beneficial for looking at finer detail when editing.

Alongside the high resolution, this monitor also boasts 98% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB colour gamut, and a substantial 450cd/m² brightness.

The Prestige PS341WU also features PIP and PBP modes so you can separate the screen easily into essentially two different monitors.

Best Monitor For Video Editing Under 1000 - Dell UltraSharp U3219Q

Best Monitor For Video Editing Dell
Image Credit: Dell

Brand: Dell | Screen Size: 31.5-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels | Connectivity Technology: HDMI x1, DisplayPort x1 | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Another solid choice when it comes to monitors for video editing is the Dell UltraSharp U3219Q.


It features a beautiful 4K UHD display that can produce 400 nits of brightness and over 1.07 billion colours, which should together produce lifelike and clear-cut hues.

When it comes to eye care, this monitor features a flicker-free screen and ComfortView settings that reduce blue light and eyestrain.

And when it comes to ergonimics, you'll find all the usual suspects here, including tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment, so you can align the monitor for optimal posture.

The Dell U3219Q makes for worthy consideration in our books.

Best Monitor For Video Editing High Contrast - ASUS ProArt PA329C

Best Monitor For Video Editing ASUS
Image Credit: ASUS

Brand: ASUS | Screen Size: 32-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels | Connectivity Technology: HDMI x2, DisplayPort x1 | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

It's no surprise that a brand that belts out some of the best gaming monitors would also be excellent at producing quality displays for video editing too.

The ASUS ProArt PA329C offers a colossal 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio which provides you exceptional clarity showcasing darker blacks and brighter whites.

On top of this, the ProArt provides 98% DCI-P3, 100% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB colour gamut which again all contribute to recreating lifelike visuals.

You're also covered here for eye care with the TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Blue Light Filter that comes with 4 different viewing modes to suit your desired comfort setting.

Overall, we think the ASUS ProArt is a solid choice.


Best Monitor For Video Editing 8K - Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

best monitor for video editing 8k, product image of a silver PC monitor
Image Credit: Dell

Brand: Dell | Screen Size: 31.5-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels | Connectivity Technology: DisplayPort x2 | Response Time: 6ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

For those who value visual quality above everything else in a monitor, then the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K will be a brilliant choice and is also the best 8K monitor out there.

It's a monitor that outputs at true 8K with a resolution of 7680x4320, which is unlike anything else on the market, given that it's actually the only 8K monitor that's available to buy right now.

In addition, the colour fidelity of the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K is also something to behold with 100% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709 and 98% DCI-P3 coverage portraying it to be a monitor for proper professionals, and therefore mighty handy for video editing.


It'll also be handy for super-detailed work too with a brilliant 33.2 million pixel resolution, alongside a rather high pixel density of 280ppi.

In short, the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K looks like a fantastic choice if you're wanting the power of an 8K panel (as long as you've got the graphical oomph to run it) with some marvellous colour accuracy and pixel density.

Best Monitor For Video Editing Professional - Eizo ColorEdge CG319X Professional

Best Monitor For Video Editing Eizo
Image Credit: Eizo

Brand: Eizo| Screen Size: 31.1-Inch | Maximum Display Resolution: 4096 x 2160 pixels | Connectivity Technology: HDMI x2, DisplayPort x2 | Response Time: 9ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

If you're a professional editor and can stretch to the price, the Eizo ColorEdge CG319X may be for you.

In terms of colour reproduction, it covers 99% Adobe RGB and 98% DCI-P3 and provides a film inside the screen which allows you to retain depth when viewed at wider angles.

This feature-rich monitor also comes with a built-in sensor to automatically calibrate the screen to ensure the display maintains its colour accuracy at different times, extremely useful when editing.

It is also equipped with a 'Safe Area Marker' that designates the area of the screen that will be displayed on different devices so you can see how your videos will look from different aspect ratios.

The Eizo ColourEdge also comes with a light-shielding hood, ergonomic stand and much more, this really could be an incredible tool for video editing professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monitors For Video Editing

Getting a quality monitor for video editing is a big decision, and there are a number of questions that come up from time to time around it.


Do you need a 4K monitor for video editing?

4K resolution looks amazing, even on large scale monitors so it can give a more 'crisp' overall image to your workstation, however, it is not essential.

Is an IPS monitor good for video editing?

IPS panels are a newer technology, but quite commonplace nowadays. They boast both impressive viewing angles and colour, making them a natural choice for video editing or any activity that requires higher colour accuracy.

They also make showing your work to co-workers much easier!

Is 1080p good enough for video editing?

Interestingly enough, it is, but for it to look in any way sharp you'll have to go for a smaller screen, which is far from ideal with the amount of workspace needed to edit video.


We'd say lean more towards QHD or 4K to allow for a bigger workspace, but if you are going to go for 1080p, if it has got high colour accuracy then that's still a win in our books!

What is the best size monitor for video editing?

Strictly speaking, this is dictated by how much space you've got on your desk. You don't want to go for something too big such as over forty inches but go for something too small, such as 24".

Most of the monitors on our list sit at 32-34 inches which provides a happy medium in offering a panel size that is big enough to see what you're working on but compact enough to not be overpowering.

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