Best Earbuds With Mic 2021: Our Top Picks For November

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Looking for the best earbuds that support a high-quality built-in mic? Look no further, we've got you covered right here.

Earbuds that feature mics can be extremely useful when making calls, recording your voice or even using smart assistance on your device, so it pays to invest in a pair that delivers.


There are loads of options out there, from a cracking pair for Samsung devices in the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live to a brilliant premium pair in the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and we're here to help you narrow down your search.

We've selected these earbuds based on specs, reviews and any other additional features which we thought made them great for phone calls, video calls, and more, plus we've got our guide to finding the best earbuds with a mic for you after our list.

Let's dive in!

Best Earbuds With Mic

Best Earbuds With A Mic For Customisation - Nuratrue

Best earbuds with a mic Nuratrue, product image of black and white earbuds
Image Credit: Nura

Brand: Nura | Colour: Black | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: Yes | Battery Life: 6 Hours + 24 with charging case | Dimensions: 2.48 x 2.48 x 2.19 cm | Weight: 132 grams

If you're after a pair of earbuds that not only offer excellent call quality but also provide some exciting personalisation features, the Nuratrue earbuds may be for you.

With these earbuds, you can use the Nura App to configure the sound which will adjust to your hearing and claims to provide you with a unique listening experience that is tuned to your ears.

They feature microphones not only for calls, but they should also provide impressive noise-cancelling technology and social mode for when you need to speak to someone.

The Nuratrue also come with an IPX4 rating, up to 30 hours of battery with the charging case and multiple ear tips to suit your desired comfort level.

Best Earbuds With A Mic For Samsung Galaxy Phone- Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Best Earbuds With Mic Samsung
Image Credit: Samsung

Brand: Samsung | Colour: Black / Bronze / Red / White | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: Yes | Battery Life: 6 Hours + 21 with charging case | Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 8 cm | Weight: 150 grams

If you've already got yourself one of the best phones from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Live could be the ideal earbuds to match.

These earbuds include an 'Always-on' function which is compatible with Samsung phones and means you can control the music or ask the assistant a question using your voice alone.

In terms of audio output, these earbuds boast 12mm AKG-tuned speakers that are said to deliver enhanced bass tones and studio-quality sound.

These Samsung Galaxy Buds also include active noise-cancelling technology, which can be very useful when listening to music or on a call in loud environments.

Best Earbuds With A Mic All-Rounder - Jabra Elite Active 75t

Best Earbuds With Mic Jabra
Image Credit: Jabra

Brand: Jabra | Colour: Black / Mint / Gold / Navy / Grey / Sienna | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: Yes | Battery Life: 5.5 Hours + 24 with charging case | Dimensions: 6.24 x 3.66 x 2.7 cm | Weight: 5.5 grams (each earbud)

Jabra is well-known for producing both fantastic headsets and earphones with high-quality built-in microphones and the Elite Active 75t are a standout choice for us.

These earbuds boast a four-mic setup that provides active noise cancellation technology to eliminate sound other than your voice which should produce clear conversations.

When it comes to sound, these earbuds come with powerful bass and adjustable EQ settings to suit your desired taste.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t, are also highly durable, lightweight and provide a decent battery, making them a solid all-rounder in our eyes.

Best Earbuds With A Mic Budget Choice - Soundcore Anker Life P3


Brand: Anker | Colour: Black / Red / Blue / White | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: Yes | Battery Life: 7 Hours + 35 with charging case | Dimensions: 6.5 x 5 x 3 cm | Weight: 63.5 grams

If you're looking for earbuds with a great built-in mic that doesn't break the bank, we think the Soundcore Life P3 could be an excellent choice.

These earbuds include six microphones for an optimised calling experience which promise to deliver clear conversations with ambient noise reduction.

They also provide exceptional battery life with up to 7 hours of playback with an additional 35 hours from the charging case, which gives them terrific potential if you're often on the go.

Also including 11mm drivers, customisable EQ and variable-sized earpieces, the Soundcore Life P3 certainly gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Best Earbuds With A Mic Premium - Bose QuietComfort Earbuds


Brand: Bose | Colour: Black / Soapstone / Blue | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: Yes | Battery Life: 6 Hours + 12 with charging case | Dimensions: 5.05 x 8.69 x 3.4 cm | Weight: 9 grams

If you're looking for earbuds that deliver outstanding audio output as well as a high-fidelity microphone if you can stretch to the price, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds could be for you.

When it comes to the microphone, Bose's advanced active noise cancelling technology should allow you to conduct clear, uninterrupted calls even in busy environments.

These earbuds promise to be truly comfortable, hence the name, offering adjustable sizes and 'StayHear Max' add ons for extra comfort and stability.

The QuietComfort Earbuds are also compatible with the Bose Music App, allowing you to adjust the EQ setting and levels of noise cancellation.

Best Earbuds With Mic For Working Out - Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds


Brand: Beats | Colour: Black / Pink / Blue / Ivory / Red / Moss / Navy / Yellow | Bluetooth: Yes | Active Noise Cancelling: No | Battery Life: 9 Hours + 24 with charging case | Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 11 cm | Weight: 260 grams

The Powerbeats Pro are a standout choice for those that live an active lifestyle looking for earbuds with a high-fidelity microphone.

These earbuds are powered by the Apple H1 chip which promises to deliver a fast and stable connection to your device which could be extremely useful when making calls.

There are downward facing microphones on both earpieces which boast improved clarity and allow you to make calls with both or one of the earpieces in.

The Powerbeats Pro are also made to endure movement thanks to the adjustable ear hooks, which we think makes them a fantastic choice whether working out in a gym or running outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Earbuds With Mics

When purchasing earbuds that include microphones that are series of questions worth looking into before proceeding.


Do earbuds have a built in mic?

No, not all earbuds have a built in mic, so it is worth making sure that you select the right one if you plan on using it for calls.

You may find that it comes with a slightly more expensive price tag, but ultimately it's worth it for that added functionality.

Is active noise cancelling good for calls?

Active noise cancelling technology uses microphones to listen to ambient noise and send out counter signals to block the noise to your ear.

This technology can be extremely useful if you're on a call in a loud environment and need to hear the person speaking clearly.

On the flip side, ANC helps to give you high-quality audio output from your microphone as it will work to pick up only your voice and block out background noise.


How do I test my earbud mic?

If you're planning on making calls with your earbuds, then making sure the mic works should be a top priority.

Apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Discord all have a built-in function that allows you to test your mic and headphones before entering into a call to make sure everything works properly.

Or, you can ring a mate up just to make sure everything works, too.

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