Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deal Round Up!

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is officially kicking off in mere hours, and we'll be on hand to give you all the latest and greatest deals as they come in!

But, as you've seen, Amazon has kickstarted the sales with some incredible reductions on a number of their own products - in some cases, slashing prices once again!

Here are the best of the early Prime Day deals so far, exclusive to Prime Members (you can get a 30-day free trial right here!)



Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for only £18.99!!!

Down from £49.99, this transformative piece of technology is a perfect addition to your home. And for the price, you really can't go wrong.

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for only £18.99!

Take a closer look below!

Echo dot

PRIVATE MODE: A simple switch of the button is all you need

Echo dot

HANDS-FREE: Experience ultimate freedom with the Echo Dot!

Standout features:

  • New fabric design and improved speaker
  • Alexa!
  • Voice control your smart home!
  • Multiple levels of privacy protection and control

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for only £18.99!


Other Early Prime Day Deals!

The deals don't stop there, that's for sure.

Check out these other amazing deals!


Echo Show 8 - down from £119.99 to £59.99!

Another great piece of kit for your home, the Echo Show 8 allows you to video call with ease, manage your smart home, and much more!

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Echo Show 8 for only £59.99

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 5 - Down from £79.99 to just £39.99!

Like the Echo Show 8, but with a compact 5.5" smart display! Great for smaller spaces and portability.

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Echo Show 5 for only £39.99!

echo dot



Amazon Prime Day Checklist

Remember, if you want to bag yourself some of these deals, then you'll need to have a Prime Membership. Luckily, you can actually get one for free by following the link below!

TRY AMAZON PRIME:Get your 30-day free trial right here, and access the Prime Day Sales!

And if you're looking to get ahead of the game, makes sure to follow @GfinityDeals for all the latest LIVE deals as they happen.

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