Amazon Has Reduced This 43" 4K LG TV...But Stock Is Limited!

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If you're after a new TV, or even an extra set for another room (we're not jealous, honestly) Amazon currently has a great offer on this 4K LG TV which you may want to check out.

It's down to just £359.00, and packs a punch when it comes to both design and specs.


As usual, jump straight to deal by hitting the link below, or keep reading for Gfinity Deals two cents on this impressive TV.

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LG 43" 4K TV Now Only £359.00!

LG TV 43" image
PERFORMANCE & DESIGN: For the price, it's a cracking set

The Important Specs

  • 4K resolution
  • 43" display
  • LED
  • Smart TV, supports Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, and more
  • 50hz refresh rate
  • Bluetooth connectivity


What We Think

This TV is a solid choice for an extra set to go in another room, be it a guest room, bedroom or even a study (if you're not easily distracted that is).

We'd say that if you find yourself watching movies, or using any of the popular streaming services quite often, then this is a great TV for you.

With high resolution combined with a 43" display, thanks to the laws of pixel density you're also going to get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of clarity.

And on the point of size, it's worth noting that while bigger may seem better, but going for something which isn't going to dominate your space is something you'll want to factor in too.


For many 43 inches will be the perfect size for an extra set, just as a 27-inch monitor is typically a great size for most people's desktop setups.

For those of you wanting to use this for gaming, it's good, but there are other TVs out there with higher refresh rates which may be preferable if you're after 60 - 120fps.

Take a look at our top TV picks for PS5 for some more ideas.

Bottom Line

For the price, it's a great TV, and much like sets from Samsung, the design is minimal, clean and far from some of the more chunky TV's you can sometimes find at this price range.

For an extra TV, and the chance to watch movies in bed on the big screen - it's seriously tempting!

For more deals, stock updates and buying guides, be sure to check back in with us soon.

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