If It Ever Launches, Dead Island 2 Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

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Epic Games' business strategy has been laid bare by this lawsuit with Apple. Having gone to court on Monday, the court documents have not only revealed widespread information about their upcoming plans for Rocket League and Fortnite, but given us plenty of insight into the Epic Games Store.

Between news of how much they paid for those free weekly games to spending $146 million on exclusivity for Borderlands 3, we've also got a look at two additional upcoming exclusives. Within those documents, it confirms Dead Islands 2 and a Saints Row game will also be Epic Games Store exclusives.

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If It Ever Launches, Dead Island 2 Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Dead Island 2's had a troubled development history so far, bouncing between numerous development studios which include Techland, Yager, Sumo Digital, and presently Dambuster Studios. A playable version from 2015 did leak online last year, but we've had very little official news since that reveal.

As for Saints Row, it's important to highlight that this document is from late 2019, and since then, Saints Row 3: Remastered launched on Epic Games Store on May 22nd 2020, and a Steam launch is coming on May 22nd 2021. As such, this could be referring to Remastered, though a future Saints Row entry was previously confirmed.

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