Dead By Daylight Tome 9: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

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Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 is in full flow and soon enough we should have some new content in the form of Hour of the Witch, new survivor Mikaela Reid and a Dead By Daylight Halloween Event.

But Looking further afield, Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 is still a few months away, likely coming in December. This means we need something to keep players preoccupied, and what better than a brand new Tome Event, which is set to be added to The Archives very soon.

Here's everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight Tome 9.

Latest News

20 October 2021 -

Dead By Daylight Tome 9 Start Time Countdown


19 October 2021 -

The new Dead By Daylight Patch Notes for Update 5.3.0 are live and they also confirm an official start time for the next Tome Event..

Tome IX of The Archives starts October 20th at 11AM ET, which is 4PM BST for players in the UK.

13 October 2021 -

Behaviour Interactive has announced some more info about the ninth Tome event coming to The Archives on October 20th.

"Three new stories are building to a crescendo that can’t be missed."

As mentioned previously, it would seem that the next Tome will focus on the survivors and killers from the All Kill chapter.

What Is A Tome Event In Dead By Daylight?

For those who don't know, Tome events provide players with all-new stories in the world of Dead by Daylight, including a never-before-seen glimpse into the past certain survivors and killers.

That's just the lore side of things. There are also all-new challenges to complete, offering players the chance to earn more bloodpoints, charms, and rift fragments.

At the time of writing, there are 8 Tomes available in The Archives, with the most recent being Tome VIII - Deliverance, which focussed primarily on the past of Survivor Jake Park and killer Jeffrey Hawk (AKA The Clown)

What Is The Next Tome In Dead By Daylight?

The next Tome event in Dead by Daylight is known as 'Tome IX - Crescendo'.

For the time being the characters for the next Tome event have not been chosen, but it's believed that it may focus on the survivor and killer from the All Kill Chapter. Namely, Survivor Yun-Jin Lee and The Trickster Killer.

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Tome 9 Release Date - When Is It Coming?

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that Dead By Daylight Tome 9 shall release on 20 October 2021.

Here's exactly how long you have left to wait:

Time Until Dead by Daylight Tome 9 Releases


Tome 9 Leaks - What Do We Know So Far?

The Dead By Daylight fan site 'LeaksByDaylight' appears to have leaked a lot of information about Tome 9, including some of the potential skins, and rewards available to players.

Here's a rundown of what's been leaked:

  • Unlock the Rift Pass to instantly receive:
    • Yun-Jin Rio V - Very Rare
    • The Trickster's Night Sky - Very Rare
    • The Trickster's Concert Ticket Charm - Uncommon
  • Rift Pass Premium Rewards:
    • Yun-Jin's Sunny Rosé Outfit - Very Rare
    • The Trickster's Dark Summer Outfit - Very Rare
    • Feng Min's Nexus Ranger Outfit - Rare
    • Mightee One Music Pad Charm - Ultra Rare
    • Yun Figurine Charm - Very Rare
    • No Spin Lightstick Charm - Very Rare
    • Magnum Opus Lightstick Charm - Rare

In addition to the new skins, there's also more outfits (2 Very Rare, 1 Rare, & 1 Uncommon), 18 More Charms and 1000 Auric Cells coming in Tome 9. It's also said that all players can also earn these community outfits for free:

  • Elodie's Afropunk Outfits - Very Rare
  • The Plague's Maiden of Vanity Outfit - Very Rare
  • Pocket Entity Charm - Very Rare
  • Heart in a Cage Charm - Very Rare

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