What Time Does Skill Based Matchmaking Start In Dead by Daylight?

You may have seen in the latest Dead by Daylight developer update that Skill Based Matchmaking (SSBMM) is being implemented for good. Arriving within Chapter 21, that'll remove ranks and introduce a new Grades system, all as part of one big patch.

Outlining what this'll do, Behaviour Interactive confirmed:

Each Killer you play has a separate rating, allowing you to play each Killer at a level you're comfortable at. The most recent test exceeded our expectations, and we’ll be rolling the system out indefinitely with the 5.2.0 update.

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What Time Does Skill Based Matchmaking Start In Dead by Daylight?

So, when does SSBM start within Dead By Daylight? According to the Update 5.2.0 patch notes, this is being enabled on September 8th 2021 at 8am PT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST. You can read about the other additions here within this next update.

If you're looking to find out when the Hellraiser Cenobite Killer goes live, we've got you covered too. Keep an eye out for further Dead by Daylight news updates from us soon.

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