How to Escape Hook in Dead by Daylight

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Sometimes you're unable to escape the killer in Dead by Daylight, giving you a one-way ticket to the Hook.

The Hook is something Survivors do not want to be hanging from more than twice, as when placed on a Hook for the third time, Survivors will be sacrificed to the Entity and can no longer play the game.

But of course, there's an important question that all new players will want to know: how do you escape the Hook in Dead by Daylight?

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What is the Hook in Dead by Daylight

Unless you're somehow the most immersive Survivor alive - which is entirely possible considering the number of Perks that'll allow you to be just that, you're going to eventually end up on a Hook. As we explained previously, you can only be on a Hook safely twice, with your third time on the Hook leading you to be sacrificed.

On your first Hook, you'll be given the option to 'Escape from Hook' which may lead you to feel as though this is what you should press to get away from your temporary prison and back into the game. Do NOT press 'Escape from Hook' unless you have a fair amount of Luck - an in-game feature that increases your Escape Chance from the Hook - or your Perk, Deliverance, is activated. The reason for this is because Escape From Hook is based on chance, with only 4% chance of you escaping. If you like those odds, go ahead and try, but we don't recommend it.

The second time you're on the Hook you won't get the opportunity to escape outside of your teammate coming to get you, no matter what Perks or amount of Luck you have.

How to escape the Hook in Dead by Daylight

There are three different ways for you to escape the first Hook in Dead by Daylight.

Luck - Luck is a gameplay mechanic that helps Survivors escape the first Hook and The Trapper's bear traps. The better the luck, the more likely you are to escape. Luck can be given via perks like Up the Ante and Slippery Meat, as well as Offerings like Vigo's Jar of Salty Lips.

Perks - Perks like Deliverance and Slippery Meat can be used to escape the first Hook. With Deliverance, a Survivor must first rescue another Survivor for it to be activated. When players use Deliverance, they will escape the Hook but gain the Broken Status effect.

Escape from Hook - While we don't necessarily recommend using this option, if push comes to shove and none of your teammates is coming to get you off the hook then try to Escape from Hook.

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