Dead by Daylight Announce Hellraiser NFTs, Strong Fan Backlash Ensues

Behaviour Interactive has come under heavy criticism these last 24 hours. Having released Dead by Daylight's Hellraiser Chapter last month, Behaviour revealed that they'd been working to create NFTs based around Hellraiser, calling this the "Masters of Horror: Hellraiser NFT Collection."

Making this announcement last night, Behaviour revealed they'd been working with Boss Protocol "over several months," adapting in-game models to be used as NFTs. Saying these NFTs "chance to grant access to the #Hellraiser chapter," backlash quickly ensued.

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Dead by Daylight Announce Hellraiser NFTs, Strong Fan Backlash Ensues

For the unaware, NFTs have faced significant criticism this last year, chiefly regarding environmental concerns and fraud. Accordingly, many fans were deeply unhappy by Behaviour's non-disclosure and how their money helped fund this. Demands for refunds quickly followed.

Since then, a small group of Dead by Daylight fans have begun review bombing on the DLC Chapter's Steam page. While admittedly minor so far, that's pushed it down to a "Mostly Negative" rating. It follows recent moves by Valve to ban NFT games from Steam, and we'll keep you informed as this situation develops.

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