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Dead By Daylight Shine of Secrets: What Teachable Perks Are Available This Week

UPDATE - Added new Shine of Secrets for Week commencing July 28.

Original Story - If you're new to Dead by Daylight you might be wondering what the Shrine of Secrets is.

Put simply, it's a marketplace for the game that allows players to unlock Teachable Perks without having to level the associated Character to either Level 30, 35 or 40.

When a player buys a Teachable Perk from the Shrine, the Perk will from then on be unlocked in every Character's Bloodweb.

Naturally, this costs and players will need to hand over 2,000 Iridescent Shards for each Teachable Perk they wish to unlock.

Now you know what they are, you're probably wondering what the shine is this week. Read on.

What Time Does Shrine of Secrets Reset?

The Shrine of Secrets resets every Wednesday at 00:00:00 UTC (GMT+0).


What Is The Shrine Of Secrets This Week?

This week's shrine is Coulrophobia, Dark Devotion, Iron Will, Windows of Opportunity.

You'll find more info about each teachable perk, just below.

Windows of Opportunity - Unique to Kate Denson (Survivor)


Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

The Auras of Breakable Walls, Pallets, and Windows are revealed to you within 20 metres.

Windows of Opportunity has a cool-down of several seconds after vaulting or dropping a Pallet during a Chase.

Iron Will - Unique to Jade Park (Survivor)

You are able to concentrate and enter a meditative-like state to numb some pain.

When injured, Grunts of Pain are reduced by several per cent.

Coulrophobia - Unique to The Clown (Killer)


Your presence alone instils great fear.

The Healing speed of Survivors within your Terror Radius is reduced by several per cent.

Dark Devotion - Unique to The Plague (Killer)

The display of your Powers creates a whirlwind of panic that spreads throughout the land.

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Hitting the Obsession with a Basic Attack causes them to emit a Terror Radius of 32 metres for the next several seconds.

  • You are granted the Undetectable Status Effect.
  • The Obsession hears their own Terror Radius.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.