Dead By Daylight: Our Top 5 Picks For The Resident Evil Killer

Resident Evil is a series filled to the brim with iconic villain designs, which is why the franchise's upcoming crossover with asymmetrical multiplayer title Dead By Daylight is causing a buzz.

We don’t know which Resident Evil villain will take up the killer mantle, but should find out soon in the 5th-anniversary event. Odds are it’s going to be more than just your standard zombie.

Silent Hill has Pyramid Head, so who from Resident Evil will be entering the Fog this June?

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T-002 Tyrant

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Considering Resident Evil is over 25 years old, that means there’s a lot of mutated B.O.W’s, but Dead By Daylight can’t go wrong with the original. Well… technically the original.

Whilst the T-002 isn’t the first canonical Tyrant, it’s the one that Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine end up having to defeat in the original Resident Evil. It’s the embodiment of the franchise's entire shtick - batshit bio-weapon zombies born out of corporate greed. The original Tyrant also has a pretty big claw hand, so there’s that too.

Mr X

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The Tyrant’s back, except this time he’s tall, dark… and weirdly handsome? This version of the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 dons a trench coat and fedora combination that would put the Wachowskis to shame.

His menacingly simple look alone would make him fit right in as a killer in Dead By Daylight, but the sound of his footsteps reverberating throughout the Raccoon City Police Department are really what sells the idea of including him.

Apart from the above, Mr X - at least in his stylish form - wouldn’t really be able to do much. Sure he could chase you down Mike Myers style, but that wouldn’t set him apart much.

Lady Dimitrescu

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This is a pick that makes perfect sense for brand awareness. The 9’6” villain (yes, I checked to be sure) recently took the internet by storm for certain, desirable, reasons and think at this point if they weren’t already working on putting her into Dead By Daylight, they should change course.

Not only would this create synergy with Resident Evil Village, which releases in May, but it would be proper fan service. Even her long razor-sharp metal fingernails would make for an interesting Dead By Daylight mechanic.

Now if you’ll Dimitrescuse me, I’ve got some totally normal googling to be doing.


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I actually liked Resident Evil 6. It was the first foray I had into the series and despite what people say, it certainly kept the tradition of absurd bio-weapon zombie monsters intact.

With that, Ustanak is the games typical giant unstoppable monster, and he would be quite a nice fit for Dead By Daylight. Do I genuinely think that he’ll be the one to make it in? No, of course not, but it would be a great surprise.


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Obviously, I’m putting Nemesis at the end of this completely arbitrary listing of what ultimately amounts to a fan casting. But like the collective internet's wish for John Krasinski to play Mr Fantastic, I’m hoping to will this into existence.

He’s unrelenting, petrifying, can use weapons, and is one of the most iconic video game villains of all time. I’m not entirely sure how his moves and abilities would work in terms of his weapons, but his unstoppable pursuit and constant uttering of the word “STARS” would conform expertly with what Dead By Daylight does.

There are so many great Resident Evil bad guys to choose from, and I’ve definitely missed some that I’m sure would be perfect for Dead By Daylight. So why don’t you let us know who you think would be a great pick down below?

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