Dead By Daylight Halloween Event 2020: DBD Update, New Skins, Offerings, Items And More

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Dead By Daylight is a fun but frightening co-op game.

You'll either play as a killer huntings survivors or one of the group trying to get out before being killed.


Being such a creepy game, it's only fitting that the Halloween events make it even scarier.

We've compiled all the current leaks on the Halloween event here!

Dead By Daylight Halloween Event

You can read about the following topics by clicking the link:


Release Date

The Halloween event will start on October 21st and will end on November 3rd.

In-Game Store Skin Sets

Ghost Face


Name: Scorched Ghost FaceDescription: A specimen who reacted strangely to the latest compounds, resulting in unexpected mutations that cannot yet be explained.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Ravaged Ghost Face
    • Description: Where the mask ends and the human begins is difficult to determine the two having melded together.
  • Body
    • Name: Demon Night
    • Description: Flaps of skin resembling bat wings hang from his arms. He seems immune to any pain caused by the gaping hole in his belly that reveals a cluster of organs.
  • Weapon
    • Name: Gut Tooth
    • Description: A barbed and uneven blade that causes horrific wounds and inflicts a cruel amount of pain.


Name: Old LadyDescription: Leatherface's homemaker persona, serene and harmonious until everything goes wrong.Collection: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Head
    • Name: Lady of Leather
    • Description: An older woman's flayed face and scalp, lovingly cured into a kindly mask of domestic bliss.
  • Body
    • Name: Homemaker's Apron
    • Description: An extra-large apron for helping around the kitchen and cleaning whatever blood may spill.
  • Weapon
    • Name: Dinner Smasher
    • Description: A brutal chunk of wood for when your meals on the run.

The Blight

Name: True BlightDescription: An extreme overdose of putrid serum culminated in a corruption like no other. Visceral cankers blossomed through his body, sprouting from his flesh and twisting out nearly every orifice.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Parasitic Pustula
    • Description: Forever gagging on the tendrills that wound their way up his throat. Talbot was no longer sure if his decisions were his own or those of the flourishing growth that nestled into his brain.
  • Body
    • Name: Engorged Canker
    • Description: As his veins coursed a sickly orange color, a visceral canker wove through his spine and tore from his back.
  • Weapon
    • Name: Corrupted Staff
    • Description: Serum seeped into the wooden finish of the cane, rejuvenating its life and creating a hybrid pustula plant.

Felix Richter

Name: Grand PlannerDescription: It was the first he'd seen of the blighted flowers, and he still held a spark of hope that many had lost. He ransacked Vigo's workshop in hopes of discovering a miracle.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Galiant Chops
    • Description: A thick head of well-coifed hair, plunging to the side of the chin to form a line of mutton chops.
  •  Torso
    • Name: Vest of Old
    • Description: A dapper west found in Vigo's workshop, it's a respected outfit that looks strong even today.
  • Legs
    • Name: Toolman's Breeches
    • Description: A pair of pants styled from 19th century design. A small toolkit is snugly strapped to the waist

Yui Kimura

Name: Miss SpeedwayDescription: An outfit that's tightly sealed to prevent blight contamination. Combines the stylings of a motorcyclist with a vintage twist.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Realm Racer
    • Description: Wind-swept hair accented with copper goggles found in an abandoned workshop.
  • Torso
    • Name: Cinched Stylings
    • Description: A traditional women's blouse strapped tight with a harness. Black leather gloves provide increased protection against the elements.
  • Legs
    • Name: Patched Up
    • Description: A slim set of trousers with helms. Bandages seal up any tears made by the pustula's thorns.

Feng Min


Name: Lady DefiantDescription: The extravagant dress reminded Feng of a heroine from a game she used tu play. In the Entity's realm, she'd take any reminder of home that she could get.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Rose Fascinator
    • Description: A small feathered headpiece, further adorned with a rose and placed upon colored hair.
  • Torso
    • Name: Grand Blow Corset
    • Description: A striking corset strapped tight and highlighted by a large bow.
  • Legs
    • Name: Ruffled Fishtail
    • Description: A fanciful dress layered in ruffles and spattered with serum from overripe pustula.

All skins will be released October 20th apart from Leatherface which releases November 13th.

Rift Skin Sets


Name: Backstage CarnageDescription: The most heart-stopping moments occurred outside of the fair's spotlightCollection: Crazed Carnie



Name: Chimeric HordeDescription: Repulsive. The serum has grafted the four specimens into a single creature, three of which are entrapped within the flesh of the host, ineffectually attempting to escape.Collection: Halloweed Curse

  • Head
    • Name: Two-Faced
    • Description: Behind the masked face of one is the blistered face of another. Though it seems incapable of communicating, it does provide an uneasy feeling to any who see it.
  • Body
    • Name: Homicidal Fusion
    • Description: Hideous faces stretch out from the wall of flesh, their limbs gripping around the blistered weeping body.
  • Weapon
    • Name: Suicide Blade
    • Description: The blade used by Joey as he attempted to cut himself free from the abomination Legion had become. One he lost his control over Frank's arm, his fate was set.


Name: Sunday SlaughterDescription: It was a day like no other on Coldwind Farm, as years of rage were finally unleashed in one horrific massacre.Collection: Unleashed

Adam Francis


Name: Jamaican ProudDescription: An outfit that reveals in the summer heat whether it be in Adam's home country or abroad.Collection: Home Sweet Home

Nea Karlsson

Name: System SmasherDescription: A warrior against the old guardCollection: Unleashed

David King

Name: The RuffianDescription: David looted the old outfit from Vigo's workshop, and he'd fight anyone who tried to make him give it back.Collection: Halloweed Curse

New Items & Offerings

New Offering Halloween Event


Name: Pustula PetalsDescription: Calls upon The Entity to generate 1 Blighted Hook and 1 Blighted Generator. As a Killer, hook a survivor on a Blighted Hook for the first time to earn bonus Bloodpoints. As a Survivor, find and repair a Blighted Generator to earn bonus Bloodpoints. Using this offering increases the amount of bloodpoints earned for these interactions.

NOTE: During the event, 1 default Blighted Hook and 1 default Blighted Genrator will spawn in the map. Only playable during the Eternal Blight Event. The pustulas fill the air with a rancid odor that some may find enticing.

New Survivor Addon for Flashlight

Name: Broken BulbDescription: A damaged bulb that causes a spooky flickering effect. Causes the Flashlight to flicker. Moderately increases the beam's visual brightness. Moderately increases the blindness duration. Moderately increases the spookiness.

New Killer Addon

Name: Blight SerumDescription: A small amount of Compound Thirty-Four, the final serum The Blight worked on before his transformation. Causes extreme mutations in high doses. Unlocks 1 token to use on the Blighted Rush ability. Press the Power button to initiate a Blighted Rush, allowing you to quickly dash forward, consuming 1 token. Cannot attack during a Blighted Rish. 1 Token is recharged whenever a Survivor is hooked. When used by the Blight, instead increases available Rush Tokens by 1.

New Survivor Addon for Medikit


Name: Refined SerumDescription: A refined version of the putrid serum that's mostly safe for human consumption. Press the Secondary Action button while healing with the medikit to use the Refined Serum. Moderately increases the speed of the survivor for 20 seconds. Creates a blight trail behind the survivor.

Leaks courtesy of LeaksByDaylight.