How To Escape the Killer in Dead By Daylight

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As a Survivor in Dead by Daylight your main goal is to get the generators done and then escape - but to do that you'll need to do your utmost best to escape the Killer as well. The problem with that is that it isn't as easy as it looks on paper.

There are over 20+ Killers in Dead by Daylight now, and escaping the Killer will differ greatly depending on who you go up against. But don't worry, we've got some great general tips and tricks on how to escape the Killer - no matter who that Killer is.

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How to Escape the Killer in Dead by Daylight


As a new player in Dead by Daylight, you might not know the purpose of Lockers that you'll see scattered around the map. Depending on the perk, sometimes Lockers can be used to stun Killers or even heal up, but for the most part Survivors head into Lockers to hide away from Killers.

The only downside to Lockers is that if Killers find you in there, you immediately go into the Dying state - meaning you can be picked up by the Killer instantly and put on the hook. So try it play it cool!

Walk, Not Run

What you don't know when playing a Survivor - unless you do the Tutorial, and even then it's poorly explained - is that you leave a thing called 'Scratch Marks.' Scratch Marks let the Killer track you, but you only leave Scratch Marks behind when you run.

Sometimes you have no choice but to run, but if you're trying to run the Killer around and lose line of sight, the lack of Scratch Marks can leave a Killer feeling confused about where you went. This tip does have its drawbacks against faster Killers but usually does help when you're in a bind.


Flashlights are useful when it comes to escaping a Killer. Depending on the add-ons you have equipped with the Flashlight, you can blind a Killer at a pallet, when they cross over a window or opening, or when they're picking up a Survivor and have them unable to see you for a long time.

Alternatively, the Flashlight can also be used to give yourself enough time to get distance and works best when you're near a Locker so you can jump on in and giggle mercilessly while The Killer checks the Locker ten times in a row.

Break Line of Sight

Breaking line of sight is the surest way to escape a Killer in Dead by Daylight. Combine it with walking, not running, and you can absolutely juke a Killer who can no longer track you due to the lack of Scratch Marks.

It isn't foolproof, and against Killers who can go invisible like The Wraith then it might not be the best plan, but it's still one of the best ways to either escape a Killer or give yourself enough time to put distance between you and them.

Equip Stealth-Based Perks

Stealth-based perks are your bread and butter when it comes to escaping a Killer in Dead by Daylight. What helps is that there's quite a few of them to choose from, so we recommend you read up on them before committing to a stealth-based perk build.

A few perks we'd recommend to get the runaround on Killers is Iron Will; which negates the noises you make when injured by 100%, Quick and Quiet; makes fast vaults and fast Locker jukes not get picked up by the Killer, and Fixated, a perk that makes you walk faster and lets you see the Scratch Marks you leave behind.

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