Dead by Daylight Gnome Event: How to Find Gnome Chompski

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Dead by Daylight has never been one to shy away from events that bring items and realms from other horror franchises, and the Gnome Event starring Gnome Chompski from the Left 4 Dead series is no exception.

It makes sense that Gnome Chompski and the Gnome Chompski charm has been added to Dead by Daylight this week, as it was only last week that Left 4 Dead's Bill got his own challenges and cosmetic via the newest Tome.

However, to get the Gnome Chompski Charm, you'll need to find the Gnome Chompski in a trial first. But the question is, how do you find Gnome Chompski in Dead by Daylight?

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What is Gnome Chompski in Dead by Daylight?

Gnome Chompski is, as you may have guessed, a garden gnome that can also be used as a weapon in Left 4 Dead. Gnome Chompski keeps his appearance in the Dead by Daylight Gnome Event, but unfortunately for Survivors and Killers alike, cannot be used as a weapon. Bummer!

How to find Gnome Chompski in Dead by Daylight

If you're after the Gnome Chompski charm, then first you'll need to find the little gnome himself. To do so, you'll need to get to the Endgame Collapse, aka all the Generators need to be finished and you'll need to have at least one Exit Door open. Once that's done, Gnome Chompski will spawn on the map.

Both a Survivor and Killer can find Gnome Chompski. He can be found in places where you'd normally find a Treasure Chest or a Totem, such as behind rocks, next to trees, or in small crevices that are situated in Jungle Gyms. You'll all need to be fast, however, as Gnome Chompski will change position every 90 to 120 seconds, so try not to dilly-dally!

Once Gnome Chompski is found, you'll need to crush him and then either finish the trial (as a Killer) or escape (as a Survivor). As far as we know, only one Gnome Chompski can be found each map.

Gnome Chompski Charm in Dead by Daylight
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When you've found Gnome Chompski and finished the Trial, head over to your cosmetic loadout, look at your charms and you should see Gnome Chompski hanging around with the other rare Charms.

When does the Gnome Event end in Dead by Daylight

The event to find Gnome Chompski will apparently end (via DBDLeaks) on June 2nd.

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