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Are DayZ Servers Offline?


DayZ is no different to any other online game, in that every now and again, the developers need to take servers offline to release updates and perform maintenance.


If you're experiencing issues with the game, it's possible the servers are running into difficulty.

The obvious exception is that it might be pre-planned maintenance from the dev team at Bohemia Interactive.

Either way, there might not be anything to do except wait it out until the servers come back offline.

If you wanted some light reading though, you could check out everything we know about the DayZ 2021 roadmap or read up on the new game from DayZ creator Dean Hall: Known only as Icarus.

The question is, are the DayZ servers down for maintenance today?

DayZ Server Status Latest News

On May 5 the team is rolling out another update for the game on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

That means some portion of players will be unable to enjoy the game whilst the game is offline.

The full details of the server downtime can be found just below:


Consoles -

Date: 5th of May 2021
Start time: 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CEST
End time: 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST

Maintenance window duration: approx. one hour.

Following the server maintenance DayZ should release the latest update, which is DayZ Version 1.12.

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