DayZ Halloween Event 2021: Release Date, Pumpkin Helmets, Spooky Servers & More

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It's October, so naturally, lots of games are getting in on the Halloween action, but don't worry, developer Bohemia Interactive should also be getting in on the act with DayZ. Yes, as if a zombie-infested survival sandbox wasn't enough, they're getting ready to notch it up a level or two in the hope of celebrating spooky season.

If you've only recently started playing DayZ, or if you want to know what to expect this year, read on for everything you need to know about Halloween in DayZ.

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22 October 2021 -

Looks like the Halloween update should be rolling out today! Although, still no details on precisely what the event will entail. We'll update this page as we get more info.

What does the DayZ Halloween Event Start?

Officially Bohemia has confirmed a Halloween Event is coming to DayZ in 2021. This was confirmed by Scotty, the PR & Brand manager for the game (Via DayZ Content Creator @Marks_1616).

However, for now the team have yet to confirm any hard details such as start dates for the event.

That said, if we were to assume that Bohemia Interactive sticks to the same schedule as last year, we expect that we'll see the event begin around October 27, before ending on November 2.

What Content Can We Expect For Halloween 2021 In DayZ?

Again, no hard details for now but we suspect the team won't deviate too much from what stood them in good stead last year.

For those who didn't play in 2020, the devs created some unique servers that offered survivors a Halloween experience which included the following changes to the sandbox:

  • Pumpkin (plant) spawns in farm areas
  • There is an increased amount of light sources spawning
  • Infected have a random chance to spawn with the Pumpkin Helmet or the red Headtorch
  • Player spawns with an additional item (roadflare)
  • It is always sunset. Fog increased as well.
  • There is “dark” night for everyone
  • Cows, Deers, Pigs, Roedeers and Boars don’t spawn.
  • There are a lot more wolves pack in the map. They also hunt in a larger area of the map.

We'll be sure to update this page when we get more info on the event. Similarly, Scott B also teased that we should get one more update (DayZ 1.15) this year along with a festival Christmas event.

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