DayZ: What Time Is The Wipe Today?

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DayZ, Bohemia Interactive's zombie and survival title, is getting another server wipe today to level the playing field.

This will cause players to lose their in-game items, but is usually a welcome change – not only does it stop item hoarding, but it means everyone starts off again on level footing.


Here's when the wipe will occur today.

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DayZ: What Time Is The Wipe Today?

DayZ's next wipe will kick-off at 11 AM UK time for PC players.


Console players have until midday UK time to enjoy what they've earned.

Servers are expected to go down for around an hour on each platform.

That's as per DayZ's tweet below:

📢⚠Dear Survivors,let´s get ready to rumble! The PC servers are expected to go down at 12:00 CET (release at approx. 13:15 CET). The Console servers are expected to go down at 13:00 CET (release at approx. 15:00 CET) The survivor is dead, long live the survivor!
— DayZ 🖥 🎮 ❤️ (@DayZ)
February 16, 2021



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