DayZ Update (May 5): Latest PS4 and Xbox Changes revealed

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DayZ servers are down today (May 5) as Bohemia Interactive looks to start rolling out their latest update to the game.

As communicated to DayZ 'survivors' on Twitter: "The servers of Xbox and PlayStation will be down for a hotfix at 14:00 (CEST). It will approximately take an hour."


Thankfully the games Community Manager has shared some patch notes for today's update on the DayZ forums.

You can see the full list of changes coming to the game just below.

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DayZ Update 1.12 Patch Notes - PS4 and Xbox


  • Fixed a game crash related to the cached ammunition information
  • Infected were able to walk through doors at certain locations
  • Wrong values in 7.62x54 and .308 ammunition configuration (
  • Wrong shock fall off settings for 7.62x39 ammunition
  • A string was not properly translated for one connection error message (STR_ve_m_rogue_pbo1)
  • Minor configuration errors within CE setups
  • The Witch Hood could not be repaired
  • The Witch Hat could not be repaired
  • The Witch Hat did not change its texture when damaged
  • The Crooked Nose did not change its texture when damaged
  • The Cauldron did not change its texture when damaged
  • Tents inventories were accessible from outside
  • Heavy hit and immediate fall into unconscious caused iron sights offset, requiring a restart of the game


  • Temporarily disabled the Eggsperimental Capsule
  • Reduced effective range and damage of 7.62x54 and .308 ammunition
  • Increased the audible range of assault rifles to 2.5 km
  • Increased the audible range of sniper rifles to 3.5 km
  • increased the audibility of pistol shots up to 800 meters
  • Increased the audibility of SMG and shotgun shots up to 1.4 km
  • Tweaked weapon sound curves
  • Reduced the damage to tools when building/repairing/dismantling base building objects
  • Increased protection of plate carrier vest against the incoming shock and health damage


  • Fixed: The Eggsperimental Capsule was set to spawn on Community servers
  • Fixed: Server log messages displaying information that should only be displayed on client
  • Fixed: Server log kick messages having string tags instead of the actual message
  • Fixed: Server log kick messages having new lines (they are replaced with spaces now)

As with any update in DayZ the developers appreciate any feedback to help them improve the game further. So if you've any opinions on this latest update, do get in touch on the Feedback Tracker.