Days Gone Secret Ending: What Is It, How To Get It and More!

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Days Gone will be one of the titles releasing alongside the PS5 as a backward-compatible game.

This comes as no surprise, as the title was well-received when it was released back in April of 2019.


The open-world survival game, has you scavenging through the deserted section of Oregon as you try and fend off the countless zombies. 

Making your way through the story will be more than enough to satisfy some players, but there is in fact a special ending to the game.

Here's what the secret ending is, along with how to unlock it!





What Is It

After over 30 hours of gameplay, you will more than likely complete the game and think that is the end of Days Gone.


However, this is not the case as players have discovered when playing the game back when it initially released.

There is in fact a secret ending that will not take any extra tasks, only playing the game for a bit longer.

At some point, O'Brian will call you, and this will trigger the beginning of the secret ending, or as it is further called: 

There's Nothing You Can Do


You will have to follow along with the mission for a bit, but it will not take long.

Check out the following YouTube video from Shirrako who captures the entire secret ending!