Days Gone: How To Fast Travel

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Days Gone is one of many PS4 games that will be free to download as part of PS Plus in November thanks to the PS Plus Collection.

Now, ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5, players will be looking to jump back into the action yet again.


Fast traveling is a major component of any open-world title, as it can be time-consuming to have to walk or run everywhere on these massive maps. 

So, you may be wondering how to fast travel to locations around the Days Gone map. Here's how!

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Unlike most games, Days Gone has a price for every time you fast travel.


When you open up your map and are about to choose a place to fast travel, you will notice a fuel cost indicator. 

You will need a certain amount of fuel to fast travel throughout the map, so be careful of this.

This is a unique aspect of Days Gone, most open-world titles do not penalize you for fast traveling. 




In order to unlock destinations for fast traveling, you will have to visit certain NERO checkpoints all over the map. 

This will be explained over the course of the game's story of course, but it is good to know before heading into the game.

There are numerous checkpoints around the map, so you should never not have a good location to fast travel too!