Days Gone Ambush Camp Locations - Ripper and Marauder Hideouts

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Open-world titles have almost become the go-to formula for AAA developers nowadays.

This was the case during the release of Days Gone back in 2019.


The open-world survival title is one of the most unique concepts we have seen in recent years, and it was executed beautifully. 

So much so, it is heading over to the PS5 when it releases.

If you are checking out the game for the first time, who are just wondering about how to find certain locations; we have you covered.

Now, we will be taking a look at the locations of all the Ambush Camps!



Finding all of the Ambush Camps around the map will net you the Ambush Hunter Trophy.


This is probably why you are wanting to know all locations, as there is only 14 of these camps!

Completing these camps will also complete the specific storyline for the Ambush camps.



There are 14 camps around the Days Gone map, and some of them are a lot easier to find than others. 

Once you find them, be prepared to take on some hostiles; as they are littered with them

Some camps will be tricker than others to complete, so have some patience if you cannot first try all of these!


Game Guides Channel has posted a YouTube video noting the locations of all of the camps.

Check it out below!

  • 00:05 - [1/14] Cascade Radio Tower
  • 00:47 - [2/14] Horse Creek
  • 02:07 - [3/14] Jefferson Rail Tunnel
  • 03:48 - [4/14] Belknap Caves
  • 05:15 - [5/14] Bear Creek Hot Springs
  • 06:51 - [6/14] Black Crater
  • 08:36 - [7/14] Berley Lake
  • 09:51 - [8/14] Deerborn
  • 11:21 - [9/14] Wagon Road
  • 13:17 - [10/14] Redwood RV Park
  • 14:37 - [11/14] Cascade Lakes Railway
  • 16:01 - [12/14] Spruce Lake
  • 17:15 - [13/14] Aspen Butte
  • 18:31 - [14/14] Bare Bay