Looking To Play Cyberpunk 2077 Early? Johnny Silverhand Won't Let You

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Cyberpunk 2077 is just days away – and the embargo is up for reviews.

The game has been receiving mixed reviews across the board.


While the general consensus is the game is a stellar open world, but it slacking in other departments.

We know a lot of you are excited to jump into the game and might have tried already.

Well, it appears players are receiving a funny message from Johnny Silverhand himself.

Here's what it is! 



Go Away

For those who do not know, most players all over the world are able to pre-load the game right now.

This means you will be ready to go when the game releases on the tenth.


However, as Reddit user u/jmendo02 has posted; CD Projekt Red has left a rather funny easter egg.

Check it out below! 

Little Easter egg after the preload on gog



The game will play a little trailer with the dialogue: 

Go back to sleep, Samurai! It's not December 10th yet

This little easter is perhaps one of many involved within the game's massive world.

We cannot wait to get our hands on the new title, and we will be sure to post all Cyberpunk 2077 related content later on in the week!