Two Games Like Cyberpunk 2077 Coming Soon

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Since its launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has been in a bad position. However, there is word, rumors, and speculation that the game will be back on PlayStation due to certain circumstances.

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The exact situation has yet to be determined, so we won't speculate on it just yet. However, if you are eagerly awaiting Cyberpunk 2077's refinement, I have something to offer you. Below I have two games announced at E3 that will take care of the itch Cyberpunk 2077 couldn't scratch.

Games Coming Out Like Cyberpunk 2077


The Ascent

A dystopian world filled with megacorporations and towering skyscrapers is the setting for The Ascent. E3's trailer this year gives fans a preview of its combat engine and reveals the game will release on July 29th, 2021.

In this trailer, which shows off the game's environments and battles, the game's slogan can be seen as "Team up, tool up, rise up, and fight.". It is as if those eight words sum up the title's mission. The Ascent's action and the atmosphere shine through in this 40-second trailer, which might not seem much for an E3 trailer.

It's one of many new ARPG games bringing that old-school flavor to next-generation consoles and modern PCs. Cyberpunk classics such as Blade Runner are instantly evoked by the game's perpetual rainfall, blazing neon, and gigantic advertising holograms.


The game Replaced appears to have a cyberpunk aesthetic, combining old-world environments and new-world technology. Fans will take on the role of an artificially intelligent protagonist trapped inside a human body. Replaced has a "deep, engaging dystopian story" involving NPC interactions as well. Replaced was announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase with a glimpse of the narrative, but the game's cinematic platforming and free-flowing combat system were the focus.


Replaced is still largely unknown to the public, but the synopsis reveals the central character will be trapped inside a human body. Phoenix-City is the setting for Replaced during an alternative 1980s. Besides demonstrating a seamless attack animation and platforming that takes place in an engaging environment, Replaced displays excellent animations. As well as melee combat, there appears to be ranged combat, using blaster pistols and grapples for ranged attacks.