Cyberpunk 2077: Where To Get The Mantis Blades

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Originally teased all the way back in 2012, CD Projekt Red's latest entry into the gaming space is a massive success thus far.

The game has been heavily praised due to its wide array of customization options.


Players will be able to fully deck out their player's weapons as well.

There are some powerful weapons within the game, and the melee ones are regarded as some of the best. 

One of these wicked melee weapons is actually not a weapon, but a cyber mod for your player to equip at the Ripperdoc.

Here's how to obtain the Mantis Blades.




These blades are in fact a cyber mod for your player to equip.

The local Ripperdoc will modify your arm to be a deadly weapon if you have access to this mod.


If you do not have this modification already, it is going to cost a decent amount of Eddies.

All in all, the blades are going to cost 15,300 Eddies; a hefty price for new arms.

As well, you will not be able to purchases these mods if you do not have at least 20 Street Cred. 

But, the price you are paying for these new arms is going to be worth it.


The Mantis Blades are one of the coolest cyber mods you can equip in the game.

Well worth the price!