Cyberpunk 2077: Where To Find The Divided We Stand Smart Rifle

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Cyberpunk 2077 is without a doubt the most anticipated game of 2020. 

The game has now released all over the world and players cannot get enough of it.


There is plenty to do within the immersive Night City, and one aspect of the game players are adoring is the ample amount of weapons.

The game features some dominant weapons you will run into over the course of the game.

Like any RPG, some are better than others; so you may want to spend some time hunting down these weapons.

One of these is called the Divided We Stand Smart Rifle.


Here's where to find it! 


Stadium Love

This weapon is obtainable by completing the 'Stadium Love' side mission within Night City.


The mission itself is found within the Santo Domingo region of Night City.

The mission itself will task you with shooting targets over the course of multiple rounds.

The trick to this mission is that you will need to have amazing accuracy, but there is a catch.

Between each round, you will have to take a shot of alcohol that the NPCs hand you.


This of course blurs your vision slightly and will get more excessive ass the rounds go on. 

If you manage to complete the mission you will be rewarded with this powerful Smart Rifle. 

Here are the attributes for this weapon: 

  • 520 DPS
  • 26-32 Chemical Damage
  • 28.34 % Crit Chance
  • 89.24 % Crit Damage
  • 21% Poison Chance
  • 1.50 Headshot Multiplier

Check out the following YouTube video from AshesWolf showcasing this mission!