Cyberpunk 2077: Best Photo Spots, Locations and Tips To Take The Best Photos

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It's been a huge launch for Cyberpunk 2077, having sold over 8 million copies already.

Now it's fair to say despite its success, the game has a multitude of issues still.


But, the immersive map within Night City is one of the best in modern games and there is a lot to check out.

Within Night City you may encounter some amazing sights that you may want to take a picture of.

The photo mode within Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the best features you may not be aware of.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the best photos. 




If you have a stable PC than Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the best looking games in recent memory. 

The detail that CD Projekt Red has put into NPCs' faces all over Night City is outstanding.


So, if you encounter any interesting looking NCPs around the map; it may be a good idea to open up photo mode every now and then.

You will get some excellent snaps over time, as some NPCs are definitely worth the picture. 



Another feature that is among the best within Night City is the various lighting scenarios that will pop up from time to time. 


Whether you are driving around the city and the sun is setting. Or you are walking around the night sky is lighting up a certain NPC or character perfectly.

These are prime opportunities for you to open up photo mode and take a gorgeous picture of what is to come. 



As mentioned before, some of the NPCs are rather interesting in Night City.


From time to time you may also encounter some unique poses from them.

This could happen during certain gunfights or just walking around the city.

Keep an eye out for some of these in order to get the best snaps.