Cyberpunk 2077: Should You Pay Stefan Or Not?

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Cyberpunk 2077 is the mast major release of 2020.

The game has been off to a flying start, well for PC players it seems.


Loads of criticism have been flying at CD Projekt Red over the last week, as there has been an abundance of issues with the game.

But, we cannot take away from the captivating environment that is Night City.

There are loads of people to meet within the game, and there are some tricky choices you must make.

One of these involves the character Stefan, and if you should pay him or not.


Here are both options and how to eventually get your gear back! 


Sweet Dreams

This choice will play out during a side quest within Night City called 'Sweet Dreams'.


Essentially, he will offer you a Braindance for 16,000 Eddies; which you SHOULD NOT take.

If you are interested in the Braindance however, strap in as you are going to find yourself within a bathtub.

All of your gear will then be missing and you will have no money as well.

In order to retrieve your gear, you will have to take down all the enemies in the hideout and you will find your gear within the boss's room.


So do not take the Braindance from Stefan, unless you want a headache!