Cyberpunk 2077 Quickhacks Explained: What Are They, What Do They Do?

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Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, and as fun as shooting your way through enemies is, Quickhacks open up new tactical possibilities.

These use programs called Daemons to offer fast, easily triggered hacks that can distract enemies, open doors, blind cameras and more.


Here's how to get them, use them, and all the ones we've found so far.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Quickhacks Guide

How To Get Quickhacks

Quickhacks can be found at vendors, but if you find blueprints and the right parts, you can craft them from scratch.

How To Use Quickhacks

Quickhacks can be set up from your Cyberware section of the inventory screen.


They're equipped into your Cyberdeck, but given each requires a certain amount of RAM, don't expect to load all of them at once.

Luckily, you can switch on the fly, but as V progresses, you can expect to earn Cyberdecks with more base RAM, or perks that regenerate RAM.

Quickhacks We've Seen So Far

It's worth noting that many of the Quickhacks below have alternative versions that increase in effectiveness at the cost of more RAM.


  • Ping - Reveals enemies and devices connected to the network


  • Whistle - Draw target to your location


  • Short CIrcuit - Deals Electrical Damage
  • Overheat - Deals Thermal Damage
  • Sonic Shock - Deafens Target


  • Request Backup - Call enemies over
  • Weapon Glitch - Jam enemy weapon
  • Contagion - Applies poison and deals chemical damage over time
  • Cripple Movement - Locks enemy in place
  • Reboot Optics - Blind enemies temporarily
  • Cyberware Malfunction - Disables cyberwar abilities
  • Memory Wipe - Stops the enemy engaging in combat


  • Synapse Burnout - Deals damage that's increased with how damaged opponent is when used

We'll update this list as we find more.


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