Cyberpunk 2077 Photo Mode: How To Use The Photo Mode? New Custom Settings Revealed

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CD Projekt Red is gearing up for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and with the release date now only single digits away, you'd think there wouldn't be much more to discuss about this potential game of the year contenter.

But oh how wrong we were.


Today the developers have dropped a new trailer showcasing the games amazing looking photo mode and the multitude of available settings that can be tweaked.

A tweet from the developers reads: "Strike a pose and capture your favourite moments in Night City with #Cyberpunk2077 Photo Mode! See it in action in our newest video. Ready? Say cheese"

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We can't give you an exact number for how many little bits and pieces can be tweaked because frankly the video moves at such a lightning pace it's hard to keep up.


Let's just call it '100's' for argument sake and spend more time staring at how pretty the game looks when applying different levels of shaders, exposure and effects to the already gorgeous looking visuals.

Oh, and did we mention the music? More of this please when the game launches. Our body is ready.

Ready to take a look at the photo mode in action? Wrap your eyes around this:

<strong><iframe src="" width="640" height="385" class="embed-responsive-item"> </iframe></strong>


Stay tuned for more details, this is a breaking story.