Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.06 Patch Notes: Latest PS4, Xbox and PC Changes Released

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Cyberpunk 1.06 Update Is Live:

Patch 1.06 makes fewer changes than expected, but does fix the save corruption bug,


Expect patch 1.07 to offer more fixes, but for now, the patch notes are below.

Quests -

Dum Dum will no longer go missing from Totentanz entrance during Second Conflict.

Console-specific -

Improved memory management and stability, resulting in fewer crashes.

PC-specific - 

Removed the 8 MB save file size limit. Note: this won’t fix save files corrupted before the update.


Original Story Follows:

Amazingly, CD Projekt Red has already rolled out five patches since Cyberpunk 2077 launched less than a fortnight ago.

While the game's performance has some issues on PC, it has a huge number of issues on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms that make it borderline unplayable, not to mention hard to look at.

The developers have promised two sizeable patches, with the first expected in January. Whether that will form patch 1.06 or not is hard to say.

The last patch, 1.05, weighed in at a hefty 9GB – and that's just on PC. Expect 1.06 to be similarly sized.

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Release Timing

Recent patches have been deployed on Fridays, but with this coming Friday being Christmas day and the following one being New Year's day, there's every possibility that we'll be waiting until January for 1.06.


Of course, given how prevalent the issues are, CDPR could push the patch out before the holidays.

In any case, please remember that staff are likely working long hours to get these patches out.

Patch Notes

While we don't have any confirmed notes, 1.05 worked through a laundry list of bugs ranging from AI issues to textures and more.

From CDPR's apology, it sounds as though 1.06 will be focused on Xbox One and PS4 base consoles.
— Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame)
December 14, 2020

It's worth noting that while the game is getting next-gen enhancements, there's a very good chance those will be delayed while the team works on the existing console versions.